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Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.

Esther 4:14


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beat cancer with nutrition
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When I was 9 years old my parents took me skiing and on our last run I had to go down the River Run. It was the steep, icy LAST run before apres ski. And I was not budging. No matter how much my mom tried to coax me into following her down, the fear in me crept so high...


During this season of Christmas, many embrace joy and gladness. The twinkling lights dazzle and the spirit of the season stirs up an awakening of magic and…hope.

Others are experiencing, struggles and the reminder of such a season of cheer drowns them in their own despa...


My husband and I have this ongoing argument about daily life. I am the whimsical, laid-back, easy breezy one who knows everything will be okay. Well you can imagine what happened to that when cancer hit… I really could care less about petty stuff. To me why does a clea...


All the pink banners, balloons, ribbons and such have come down… and yet I and thousands of other women still have cancer.

How nice it must be for those on Instagram or Facebook to be able to just scroll by a post about breast cancer and not give it another thought.



Healing from anything is difficult and takes time. Regardless of that wound being physical, emotional or mental.

With a battle of breast cancer, I have dealt with wounds in all three categories. Sometimes at the same time, sometimes at all different times.

Some were expe...


My oldest daughter is fixated on treats. Currently if my four-year-old wipes her bottom herself (cleanly) then she gets a treat, if my two-year-old goes potty on the potty, she gets a treat. So now they try every opportunity to do these things to get a treat.

When did c...


Crying aloud as you entered the world;

The world needed you, you had purpose.

Growing with grace and the unfolding of a beautiful childhood;

Teaching every chance you could get, people marveled at your presence.

Life could be difficult, but you always chose the bright side...


Most of us, especially those in my generation, were raised with affirmations like, “You are so special. You can do anything you put your mind to. Go change the world.”

At first glance, you make think. ROCK ON. Heck yes, get up and do the thing.

I was the same way for mos...


9th Stop: Wheeler Road

As we winded back through the tunnel of trees toward Traverse City, we decided to explore some uncharted territory up Mission Peninsula. It was time for a stop and we quickly spotted a brewery tucked amongst the tall trees beside the gorgeous lake...


Our fifth stop was Bloomington, Indiana. We realized we were just a few hours from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jeff’s house and decided to head out of Kentucky and up that way. We arrived earlier than planned and found a nice park right outside Indiana University in Bloomingto...

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Lauren Wiatek breast cancer advocate
Lauren Wiatrek

Blogger - Mom - Wife - Friend - Foodie - Editor- Event Coordinator - 
Breast cancer survivor. Chronicling my journey ... one step at a time.

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