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Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.

Esther 4:14


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When I was 9 years old my parents took me skiing and on our last run I had to go down the River Run. It was the steep, icy LAST run before apres ski. And I was not budging. No matter how much my mom tried to coax me into following her down, the fear in me crept so high...


Recently a new song has been coming on in my car and every time it does, I find myself turning the volume up and getting chills from the lyrics and tears rolling down my cheeks.

The chorus rings,

“Maybe it’s okay if I’m not okay. ‘Cause the one who holds the world is hol...


We decided to come up to Colorado for a week after Christmas, get out of town a bit… have some family time, bask in the snow a bit. We are adventurers at heart… we love hitting the open road and winding the roads to God’s coolest creations. Sometimes, those winding roa...


Who is ready for 2018 to go? Anyone wish it would linger a little longer? I have always found myself ready for a new year, ready for a new Monday... ready to start fresh. 2018 was quite the year for our family... the second half of my cancer journey took place in 2018....


During this season of Christmas, many embrace joy and gladness. The twinkling lights dazzle and the spirit of the season stirs up an awakening of magic and…hope.

Others are experiencing, struggles and the reminder of such a season of cheer drowns them in their own despa...


My husband and I have this ongoing argument about daily life. I am the whimsical, laid-back, easy breezy one who knows everything will be okay. Well you can imagine what happened to that when cancer hit… I really could care less about petty stuff. To me why does a clea...

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Lauren Wiatek breast cancer advocate
Lauren Wiatrek

Blogger - Mom - Wife - Friend - Foodie - Editor- Event Coordinator - 
Breast cancer survivor. Chronicling my journey ... one step at a time.

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