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Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.

Esther 4:14


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When I was 9 years old my parents took me skiing and on our last run I had to go down the River Run. It was the steep, icy LAST run before apres ski. And I was not budging. No matter how much my mom tried to coax me into following her down, the fear in me crept so high...


Crying aloud as you entered the world;

The world needed you, you had purpose.

Growing with grace and the unfolding of a beautiful childhood;

Teaching every chance you could get, people marveled at your presence.

Life could be difficult, but you always chose the bright side...


I wake up in the morning and my hands are swollen, they hurt to even close them. I cringe as I pry open my medicine, which is a pain I never thought I would face. I have cracks deep in my toes that I have to apply care to each night, I have skin peeling off my feet. My...


It all starts with my Monday morning alarm reminding me that it is time to hit the pavement and #nevermissamonday. During this time, I feel alive and love pushing my limits. I try to ignore the pain in my hands and feet.

When I arrive home, I am greeted by my happy-go-l...



I want to begin by saying I am not a hypochondriac whatsoever... I am not a germaphobe either. I am not used to being “careful” or “cautious” or living in “fear”. So to have fear that my cancer could come back at any moment is driving me mad. I grew up fearless…jumpin...


Have you ever had that feeling where you were sitting on a plane, on the runway, waiting for take-off? You keep yourself busy, by adjusting your seat, fixing the seat belt length, getting out your chosen book to read or magazine to browse through. Then suddenly the pla...

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Lauren Wiatek breast cancer advocate
Lauren Wiatrek

Blogger - Mom - Wife - Friend - Foodie - Editor- Event Coordinator - 
Breast cancer survivor. Chronicling my journey ... one step at a time.

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