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Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.

Esther 4:14


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beat cancer with nutrition
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When I was 9 years old my parents took me skiing and on our last run I had to go down the River Run. It was the steep, icy LAST run before apres ski. And I was not budging. No matter how much my mom tried to coax me into following her down, the fear in me crept so high...


In my YouTube Channel this past week I discussed all the tools that have helped my family and I support our immune systems.

One of the main ways we support our immune systems is with Apple Cider Vinegar and making bone broth, so I wanted to give you guys my recipe for t...


Crying aloud as you entered the world;

The world needed you, you had purpose.

Growing with grace and the unfolding of a beautiful childhood;

Teaching every chance you could get, people marveled at your presence.

Life could be difficult, but you always chose the bright side...


Two years ago, I had a gorgeous belly protruding, waiting for a darling daughter to emerge. I had stopped working my daycare and we had people coming to visit the house to see if they wanted to rent it out. I remember sitting on our cozy chair by the window, just peeri...


Change is hard. No one embraces change with ease or contentment…unless they are faced with such a dire circumstance that forces them to have a difficult mental discussion within their own head where change is imperative.

I feel that is where I was. When I was diagnosed,...

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Lauren Wiatek breast cancer advocate
Lauren Wiatrek

Blogger - Mom - Wife - Friend - Foodie - Editor- Event Coordinator - 
Breast cancer survivor. Chronicling my journey ... one step at a time.

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