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From Blasé to Bold

These days it is so easy to just kick your feet up and relax without feeling the pressure to exert yourself. Many have welcomed a blasé attitude toward working hard and exercise, brushing aside it’s rising importance.

For survivors and warriors of any kind, we do not have this luxury… our bodies are being compromised, stretched, poked, prodded, pulled, pushed, and exhausted by medicines fighting diseases within. Which gives us all the more reason to focus on exercise.

I want to challenge all the survivors and warriors reading this post to start adding a workout regimen to your daily life.

Does it have to be grueling? No.

Does it have to be in a gym? No.

Does it have to cost money? No.

Do you need weights? No.

You can set up any workout regimen without all those things. Now some may find it easier to have a gym membership or welcome a bootcamp without complaint. The point is to keep our bodies strong by working our muscles.

I love Camp Gladiator, but when I am traveling I love to go on runs… to view nature from wherever I am, breathe in the glorious air and then implement some of the exercises I have learned from CG… I love push-ups, angy penguins, calf raises, and the list goes on.

I am going to give you a doable workout that I challenge everyone to try 3 times this week. As you complete this workout don’t forget to log in to your account and jot down how you feel…your mood, any symptoms, and of course the reminder to take your medicines and supplements.

Run ½ mile

10 push-ups (from your knees or on your toes, these are an awesome exercise)

25 calf raises

25 lunges

10 Glute bridges (try to lift your leg in the air as you lift your glutes)

30 second plank (high plank or low plank, whichever you prefer)

50 angry penguins (lay on your back and touch your hand to your heels side to side, as fast as you can)

Repeat 3x

These will help strengthen your core, your upper body and lower body…all aiding into helping conquer the disease that is buried within. When we add in a proper diet along with a proper exercise routine and a proper positive attitude we set ourselves up for success. We give every reason for our bodies to overcome the selfish malady that tries to steal our joy.

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