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Friday Night Fever

It was a normal Friday night… we wanted to have our neighbors over for dinner. They too have two young girls and it would be nice to catch up.

In hindsight, our oldest did show some behavior that was out of character for her… acting fussier than normal and then proceeded to take a nap (she’s 4.5). As grateful as we were for the quiet… later we realized it was because her little body was fighting something.

When our neighbors arrived, our oldest wanted to watch a show and not to partake in the playing… which made zero sense for her. I decided she did feel warm and took her temperature, sure enough it was 100.4…

Granted this is not an extremely high fever, but bet you me my inner mama alarm was a ringin.

I was worried about the forbidden word in our home… the f-l-u … I don’t want to say it because I want it to stay far away from my family.

We practice a lot of preventative care to keep viruses, like the flu away from our bodies.

So when Halen spiked a fever, I jumped into action… I wanted to show what it looks like when a kiddo spikes a fever in our home.

  1. I don’t panic… I know that fevers are actually important for the body, in contrast to what you may hear… unless the fever is so high it endangers the child (104+) Then you really want to let the body fight… if you give the child Tylenol then you are forcing a fever down and then the fighters in the body aren’t able to do what they need to, to fight off the bad guys.

  2. I break out my Thieves… I put 1 drop on the bottoms of her feet, I put 10 drops into the diffuser + 2 drops of oregano, I put 1 drop along her spine

  3. I put 1 drop of Oregano = natural antibiotic on the bottoms of her feet

  4. I made a concoction of: 1 oz Ningxia Red (super antioxidant juice) + 1 Tbsp of Elderberry syrup + 2 oz organic orange juice + 1 drop of Thieves for her to drink… in order to keep the spiciness of Thieves away I had her drink it with a straw… she slurped it up

  5. I had her drink a lot of water

  6. I made her a “palace” (I think this term stemmed from a palate on the floor LOL)

  7. Got her all cozy so she would fall asleep. Sleep = healing.

I am not going to lie that I was trying really hard to not think Halen had the flu. But I did everything I knew to help boost her immune system.

When I finally got her tucked into bed, I re-lathered her with oils and I re-filled her diffuser for the night. I prayed over her, for God to help take whatever her system was fighting away.

The next morning her fever was 99.7… I followed all steps from above and made sure she rested. A few hours later her fever was 99.4, then 99.0. She again took a nap and then it was 98.8.

What I hope that mamas gather from this is empowerment… I hated feeling fear when Halen spiked a fever as a baby. I hated not knowing what to do. I didn’t like giving her Tylenol… I didn’t like not supporting her system.

When I discovered Young Living I was empowered. I am no longer fearful of fevers. I understand more about how the body works and what plants can support it. I hope to empower other mamas. Plants have been around longer than us, they each have a power within them and that is exactly what an essential oil is. The most powerful part of the plant. We use that, carefully, and with common sense to benefit our bodies. Commercial medicine has a tendency to break the body down, to cover up the issue, not help fix the issue. These plants, work on a cellular level to help strengthen the body. That is why I use them on my children. Whatever tried to bully Halen’s system was brought down pretty quickly. Would that have happened if I just used Tylenol? I don’t think so.

I share these stories to help empower other mamas, surely I am not the only one who cringes when giving my child tylenol or over the counter drugs. There are other ways to support our bodies God intended. I am here to help encourage, empower and guide you with what I have learned along the way.

It has become my passion to help others live the healthiest, best life they can. Ready to start your wellness journey? Click on the link to get started.

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