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How To Build a Backyard Planter Box

I cringe when I think about the 20 something self that felt like I needed items to fill my cup.

Even the other day, Evan and I were on our annual Christmas date. We did do a little shopping and I kept staring (and stroking) a very fuzzy, super cute pullover. I mean it was totally in style...

I felt myself getting sucked in to the trap.

Then I shook off the culture’s grip and we carried on with our weekend.

Once we built the planter box, my husband said, “Well would you rather have that sweater or this planter box?”

No brainer.

Thank God for being closer to my 40s than my 20s and how much I’ve evolved.

To build the planter box we got:


  • (3) 1x6x8 cedar boards

  • (2) 1x4x8 cedar boards

  • (2) 4x4x8 cedar boards

  • 2 inch wood screws

  • 1/4” x 1/4” galvanized steel fencing wire

  • Burlap mesh

  • Organic soil

  • Veggie soil

  • Worm brew soil


  • circular saw

  • Table saw

  • Headphones

  • Drill

  • Staple gun

  • Wire snips

We chose untreated wood as this will be near a food source so going untreated is the way to go. Then we made the following cuts: (4) 4x4 — 30” (4) 1x6 — 24” (4) 1x6 — 46.5” (5) 1x4 — 24” Step 1: Make all cuts Step 2: Begin with the posts and end boards. Screw those in place and then attach the side boards. We pre-drilled to not crack the wood. Step 3: Finish attaching side boards

Step 4: Attach bottom board.

Step 5: Measure your wire and cut to fit, staple that down.

Step 6: Measure your burlap mesh and place two layers on top of the wire mesh.

Step 7: Fill with soil mixture

Step 8: Plant!

It was such an awesome way for my husband and I to bond by using our hands to build something together. I am ready to do it again! I like that it is taller and we can move it if we need to. We plant to build at least 1 more like this. It felt straightforward and fairly easy to do. The next item on my Suburban Homestead list is chickens. [Next post]

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