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Since 2021 started I had this burning desire to start living differently. When moving out to my dream home on my dream acreage wasn’t an immediate option. God breathed the word contentment into my heart.

From that point on, I chose to love where I live. To breathe life into this little corner lot that we have smack dab in the middle of suburbia. We planted seeds, we built garden boxes, we built a chicken coop, then we stepped back and started to watch our homestead bloom.

Who knew that budding peas would make my heart flutter?

Who knew that seeing the radiant purple stems of swiss chard would make a 36 year old woman squeal.

Who knew that looking out my window to see my chicken brood meander around our backyard would bring such therapeutic peace to my day.

My soul was beginning to shine.

I got hooked very quickly, watering my growing garden became a favorite part of my day. Watching life take hold in our simple backyard became a spark in my step.

After about a few months in, my free range chickens started to take advantage of my farmgirl goals.

The poop.

It got bigger. It came more often. I never realized the poop situation.

Of course, the suburban chickens loved our porch. They’d nestle up on our cushioned benches and I’d snap pictures of their cuteness.

All was good, until we stepped in the poop. Our porch became polka dotted with poop.

Finally I had enough. I mean these feathered friends hadn’t even started paying rent and yet they had the audacity to poop on my porch?!

Our next building project began, we started building a chicken run. The back part of our yard, where the chicken coop was made for a perfect chicken yard.

We used cedar planks and hog wire to create these great fences. We drilled planks on the bottom to keep them up and sturdy. This took us all day long. We were so proud of ourselves.

One hour later, I looked out the window and those stinkers were perched on top of the gate that took us HOURS to complete. #dontmesswithmama

Thankfully, we had enough of the plastic mesh to cover a portion of the chicken run. Our next project is to put a cover on the rest of the run this weekend. So all week, I have been trying to creatively persuade my chicken crew to stay on their side of the backyard.

When eggs arrive, hopefully next month, we’ll be a lot less cranky at these escape artists. #timetopayrentchickens

Stay tuned for what’s new on the Wiatrek Homestead!

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