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Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.

Esther 4:14


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Every year for Halloween we invite friends and family over to have fellowship, eat autumnal goodies, drink and have fun in costume. I always make a big batch of chili, homemade caramel apples, delicious, creamy squash dip and to wash it all down mulled hot apple cider....


I think I can confidently say that there will no longer be any days in the 100s in Austin…which means it is officially fall y'all. 

I crave this time of year… my family comes from Michigan and my heart & soul definitely feels like it belongs in the north. So when the co...


Well it is half way through October and we have seen post after post about breast cancer. I will be one of the first people to tell you about my story and all the symptoms I had, the signs leading up to my diagnosis, the ways I could have detected it earlier, support f...


Every morning I wake an hour or so before everyone else in my home. I started this ritual a few months ago and have grown to yearn for it. In these early mornings, I start my tea kettle and ready my mug of warm water with lemon (or other citrus) + Pink Himalayan sea sa...


I am so thankful for you both. 

When I was a girl all I ever played at and pretended was “house” and being a mom. With the help of the Lord my dream came into fruition.

You both have changed my world.

You help me yearn to be better with every breath I take.

You remind me w...


Years ago when the gluten free train started my antennae has been up. Then I began my research. But I was always half on the train and half off. My health seemed pretty fine if I ate a sandwich or a bowl of pasta… so why bother? Or so I thought. 

Well one of the fi...


I remember growing up and going over to friends’ houses to spend the night, the obligatory pizza was served and of course pop to go with it. Okay okay, here in Texas everything is a Coke. Or soda I guess. (When your parents are from Michigan, you are raised saying pop....


Here is one of my favorite things. 👇👇👇

For real. I had my appointment with my oncologist this morning, so naturally, I applied ALL the Valor. 💜 #scanxiety

If you've never heard of this oil, I highly recommend ya get with the program. 🌟

This unicorn spa...


Well, as of next week we will be back to school and back to our fall routine. The fall season brings many things, it is almost like a "New Year" with re-starting our routine, refreshing our attitudes, re-focusing on priorities and it has this lovely energy to it. Even...


My Dearest Halen,

I sit here thinking about how fast five years went by. I think back on being in absolute maternity bliss when you arrived, you were part of me. I was complete with you in my arms. I could stare at you and smell you and kiss you all day long. The sleepl...

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Lauren Wiatek breast cancer advocate
Lauren Wiatrek

Blogger - Mom - Wife - Friend - Foodie - Editor- Event Coordinator - 
Breast cancer survivor. Chronicling my journey ... one step at a time.

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