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Be Still and Smile provides an easy, empowering way to achieve a healthy and balanced body and home.


Every day we are exposed to thousands upon thousands of toxins. While many of these exposures are out of our control, many are well within our control. Nutrition, exercise, and sleep are crucial to optimal health, but they do not make up the whole picture. Toxic exposure is the missing link. By becoming a better informed and conscious consumer, you can greatly reduce your exposure, which is essential to your health and wellness.


Cleaning products, home products, beauty products, kid products, baby products are filled with toxins, but they also represent opportunities for choice and change. Clean products are not only better for you and your family, but they are also better for the environment. They are highly effective, high quality, and most While clean can mean many things to many people, at Be Still and Smile, it means products formulated without harmful ingredients or thought to have toxic effects on your health, such as: irritants, allergens, carcinogens, and endocrine disrupters.


With Be Still and Smile, you will learn to lighten your toxic load and make healthier choices. Rather than going through this overwhelming process on your own, you will receive guidance and support to make the transition with confidence, joy and ease. The goal will be a realistic and empowering approach. We will work on finding a balance that is simple to maintain, arming you with tools to gradually continue your shift towards a cleaner lifestyle. This mindful approach to holistic wellness will become second nature to you, enabling you to achieve a healthy body and home, and, in turn, peace of mind to help you feel happy, healthy, restored where you can be still and smile … in your home and in your life.


It's wellness from the outside in.

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