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Hi! I am overjoyed that you're here. 

My journey into true wellness began in 2014 when I became a mom. Suddenly I became hyperaware to everything that came into our home, I began to pay closer attention to my health, my baby’s health and like many young women I started adopting consistent exercise and nutritional habits. But that was the only beginning, in 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. To top that off I found out that my cancer was not genetic. At this point, I dove into research and joined one of the largest wellness companies in the world to help find products that would be better for our family. As I developed my own wellness routine from ground zero, I began to realize the toxic ingredients that my body, my family, my daughters were surrounded by even in our own home. I became dedicated to providing a toxin free home for our family, as much as I could control. I quickly learned that cleaner products yield better results than their traditional counterparts and gradually transitioned to a clean routine for myself and our whole family.


As I battled for my life, I found that I didn’t react as many others did around me. No reactions to the medicine running through my veins, no ER visits, not once getting sick despite a lowered immune system. I was inspired to further educate myself on the ingredients in everyday products and the impact they can have on human health. Many common ingredients have been linked to allergies, hormonal imbalances, reproductive challenges, birth defects, learning disabilities, behavioral imbalances, reproductive challenges, birth defects, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, and… cancer. I dove deep into exhaustive research and dedicated myself to live more holistically. My education continued while mothering and simultaneously building a direct sales business for leading a clean home brand focused on transparency, and advocacy. Armed with a wealth of knowledge built from years in education, owning my own in-home daycare, writing for health and wellness platforms as well as my own journey. I began to inspire and advise my friends and family to clean up their routines and homes. I’ve always wanted to take my business to the next level and turn my passion into my every day. Today I have started a suburban homestead of which I have offered the fruits of our labor for sale, we want to share our holistic lifestyle with anyone who is interested. 



My vision for Be Still and Smile is to empower others to enhance their wellbeing by reducing their toxic exposures ++ in a simple, restorative, confident way.

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