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Let's work together to cultivate a healthier life & space. 

Keep it simple, The Beauty Essentials is a quick fix for your personal care routine, starting you off by cleaning up your seven essential beauty products. $60

Start with the basics. The Home Essentials is the entry point for cleaning up your key home items. $100

A total personal overhaul. Hair to toe is a step up from The Beauty Essentials, focusing on all of the products you put on your body daily. $120

A whole home clean-up. The Clean Sweep is the most comprehensive service and covers every area in your home & personal care routine. $240

For new mamas, expecting mamas, or even before. Mama + Baby is a holistic approach to clean living, focusing on you and your baby...and the areas that have the greatest impact on the two of you. $180

A beauty and wellness consultation for brides-to-be. $180

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with cancer or a life-altering ailment? This service is dedicated to you from a survivor. This consultation will be similar to the clean sweep but focused on this battle in particular. $150 

A kitchen consultation for those ready for clean up from the inside out. $150

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