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Hi! I'm Lauren.

I am a 32-year-old mom of two little girls, and wife to Evan. I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer on May 24, 2017. I had no indication that it was lurking. I love being outside, traveling, cooking, and enjoying life with my family. I am a believer in true love, the wonderment life can offer and celebrating every single chance I get. I am trying to constantly grow my relationship with Jesus and to be a positive role model for others. Writing is my therapy and passion. Being healthy and as natural as possible has become a passion as well.


We live in north Austin and love what this city can offer, an oasis in the hot state of Texas. Our girls are three and one and keep us on our toes in the best way possible. I want to reach as many young women as I can to help inform them that cancer is a silent monster that can sneak up on anyone. Regardless of your lifestyle, of your family history, of breastfeeding or your age, cancer is lethal and no one is exempt.


Here I will share this new journey (highs and lows), along with health tips, recipes for clean eating, mothering my littles, and all that inspires me along the way. Thanks for joining me!