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Silos + Homestead

I had three weeks to fill my schedule with fun excursions, before it was time for my mastectomy. One thing on my fall to do list was to drive with my mom and girlies to Waco and visit Magnolia Market and the Silos. We set the date for early November and g

ot on the road by 9:30. We arrived easily making the drive from Austin and parked on the street nearby.

Our first stop was at their bakery, ordering coffee (I was a little disappointed in no real half n half like at coffee shops vs. the artificial Coffee Mate that was available), but the baked goods were amazing. I prefer savory and I am so glad I decided to order the Prized Pig biscuit (all of their baked creations come with a biscuit foundation aside from the cupcakes) …it was filled with cheddar, chewy pieces of bacon and chives… the biscuit was fluffy, salty and perfect. I loved it. My mom ordered the Cranberry Orange Biscuit and that one was a delicious sweet treat covered in a glaze. My daughters’ split the Blueberry Muffin Crumble, which had huge blueberries buried deep within the muffin and topped with a thick crumble (which was hard to eat), but sure was scrumptious! We ordered the seasonal Pumpkin Spice cupcake and it was light, airy, had the right amount of spice to fulfill its namesake. We took our treats over to the picnic tables and the girls were ready to stretch their legs after our drive. They ran around on the field and made new friends, playing with everything from a soccer ball, to a kick ball to a football. We observed all the food trucks surrounding the park, offering everything from chili dogs to gourmet grilled cheese, club sandwiches, pizzas or crepes, there’s surely something to satisfy everyone’s palate.

After some nice fresh outside air, we decided it was time to go check out the Magnolia Market. We ventured inside and unfortunately minutes after our entrance my youngest daughter pulled a candle onto the ground, inevitably breaking it. My mom and I were embarrassed and assumed we would have to pay for the broken candle. Much to my surprise, two employees swooped in and assured us that everything was okay and to enjoy our day. They swept it up and wished us a happy shopping experience. They made an impression on us, and we will happily continue shopping at Magnolia Market, whether we’re in Waco or at home with our laptops. We found a golden bell garland that would be perfect for Christmas on my mantel, a darling pitcher for a Christmas gift, and so many other things we could have filled our bags with. Thankfully they have a pretty decent shipping rate, so ordering online isn’t an absurdity.

Then it was time to head out before the girls’ nap. We snagged a few pictures in all the scenic photo opps that Magnolia Market provides then loaded up.

We had heard through the grapevine about a place called Homestead Heritage that was about 15 minutes from Waco, we chose to make our way in that direction to check it out. It was a pretty drive, on a country road, we could see a tad of color change in the leaves representing somewhat of an autumn afternoon in Central Texas. Upon entering Homestead Heritage, we were pleasantly surprised by how darling it was. Like taking a trip back in time, the homes were old-fashioned, wood, pier and beam homes. It was like a village with different buildings separated along the way. We stopped to have lunch at the café, which was delicious…all homemade food, breads, cheeses and desserts. Was very cozy and heartfelt. My mom and I split the reuben on pumpernickel bread and each got a cup of soup, I the roasted tomato, my mom the barley mushroom. It came with a delicious potato salad and we got hot tea for the chilly afternoon. I ordered the girls a grilled cheese on artisan bread with fruit. I was happy to support such a family-oriented establishment. After we filled our bellies we loaded the girls in the car and headed back home to Austin. The girls slept the entire way.

There was much more to do around town, but we only had time for a quick visit. I think it is every bit worth the hype that the Gaines have attracted. They have created a darling institution, filled with hearth, love, joy, seasonal décor and comfort. I highly recommend a visit!

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