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Shop Small This Christmas

Our country was founded on small businesses, all comprised of moms and pops trying to give their families a better life. These small businesses are world-wide, but it is even more special when you shop small, locally. I have always been a huge advocate of shopping locally, by supporting those people who take a leap of faith and stand tall, as a small business when chain restaurants and corporate businesses dare to take over. I thank my parents for leading me in this direction, by always preferring small businesses. Both my parents owned various small businesses from a video rental store, to a limo business, to a fitness center, and the most successful, Avalon Hair Salon.

Lately I have been even more of an advocate of shopping small, watching my friends start their own businesses, and myself starting my own with wellness through Young Living, along with my writing. I love watching my friend’s creativity take over, seeing their eyes light up with passion, their smiles widen and a true happy dance when others support their business. These moms are hustling to pay for dance lessons, stash cash away for that vacation they told themselves they could never take, for that renovation their house truly needs and so much more. Us moms are trying to be stay at home moms + working moms all wrapped up in one pretty package. America does not make this easy to do, corporate America does not really support families in the way that they should. Therefore, I shop small.

I buy my home décor from my darling friend, Rosalyn with her company All Things New, I buy my apparel and such from my bright and shiny friend, Christina, with her company Beautiful Chaos Shoppe, along with some darling pieces from Hipsters, Dirt & Co for my girls' birthday outfits. I’ve gotten mascara and lip gloss from my lovely friend, Genevieve and her Younique business, along with my encouraging friend, Angie, and her Younique business. A beautiful, uplifting friend of mine, Ashley, in Colorado had a sign making company, and I would buy practically every babe born to friends of mine a name sign for their nursery, from her. My friend Traci, has built her business from the ground up and brought incredible changes to her family with her success. My bestie, Dana, created my beautiful website from her company Milk & Honey Marketing. I love Velvet Elk earrings, and even Kendra Scott, may not seem like a small business, but she started that way- a woman with a vision...and she gives an incredible amount of her beautiful jewelry to breast cancer patients, including myself...which is pretty darn awesome. My friend, Heather, put together a Thirty-One party to help support our family, another awesome company that has given women a way to start their own small business to help support their families.

I prefer eating at a mom and pop places, like HiHat Public House, for amazing food and a delightful beer selection vs chains, I can’t even tell you the last time I went to Chilis. We try to visit my Godfather's, small, hip grocery store, Thom's Market, when we are in the area for everything from breakfast tacos and coffee to snacks, wine and beer. I love local coffee shops... Texas Coffee Traders, is my favorite coffee roaster, their Texas Pecan is out of this world delicious. I prefer my business to go toward families, who I know are working hard to make a difference, in whatever way that is.

This Christmas season I encourage you to shop local. I know certain avenues make it REALLY easy to do the opposite, but it is much more fun to know that your money went toward something truly special for a family.

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