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Halloween Should Be About Imagination & Giving Back

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I remember always loving Halloween, my mom got really into it when I was a kid and she would dress up like an extravagant witch or an elaborate evil lady from one of the Disney movies.

She pulled off an amazing Cruella DeVille and Maleficent.

But one year, when I became a mom we sort of backed off from Halloween and decided we weren't into all the scary stuff. We had to rethink how we wanted to approach the holiday with little kids being brought up around us. We love being festive and a reason to have fellowship with neighbors, friends and family around us. So we decided to put a more positive spin on the event.

We started hosting a gathering at our house for fun fall themed appetizers like caramel apples on sticks with chili to go around and of course pumpkin beverages! We made the night more about gathering with our community and being creative, using our imaginations. We would walk around as a group to "Trick or Treat" and enjoy saying hello to the people who lived in our neighborhood. Most of the candy, was tossed, since we try to stay as sugar free as possible, but our girls never remembered that part. They remembered the community, the memories, the anticipation leading up, the excitement of getting all dressed up we always like to do family themed costumes and the laughter along the way. We are also always looking for reasons to give back.

This Halloween, I encourage you to be intentional about choosing joy in Halloween. Boost your children's excitement about getting dressed up and encourage their imagination and creativity along the way. Make your own costumes! Make fun fall themed treats, invite friends over to have fellowship. Show your kids this is also a wonderful opportunity to give back. Have them collect their old costumes to give to other kiddos!

Help children in our community by donating gently used, or new costumes to the Grade Potential Halloween Costume Recycling Drive. Here is the basic info for the event: * Parents can can drop off gently used or new costumes to any of the locations listed on our site. * The drive runs through November 16th. ma * We kindly ask that costumes be clean and free of any major holes or damage.

The site will be updated at any point if another drop off location is added.

May you have a fang-tastic evening, ghoul-friend! Halloween wishes to you!

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