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Walkin In A Winter Wonderland

We decided to come up to Colorado for a week after Christmas, get out of town a bit… have some family time, bask in the snow a bit. We are adventurers at heart… we love hitting the open road and winding the roads to God’s coolest creations. Sometimes, those winding roads lead us to off the beaten path destinations, which have become our favorite.

In the last year we have created so many amazing relationships. The cancer community is tight knit and there isn’t much we wouldn’t do for each other. We met a couple that had also gone through breast cancer and they offered us their cabin in the Spanish Peaks of Colorado… they bought it as a haven for themselves and for an escape for others. When you get up here you totally see why they chose this spot (off the beaten path), God’s hands are all over it. We came in March for spring break and came back for winter.

It is a winter wonderland. Pine trees decorated in snow, the sun peeking behind the mountain tops, a fireplace and Christmas tree and even a loft for the kids (with their own mini Christmas tree)… I mean it really couldn’t be any more perfect.

Sidenote: Before we got the heat a goin, it was a good ole 36 degrees in this cabin. Halen went into hibernation deep under the covers, I layered on just about every layer I brought and got cooking, Henley showed her Colorado Native colors and marched around singing Christmas Carols (not bothered in the slightest), and Evan was hard at work to warm his girls up.

I love to cook for my family… that is one of my love languages… I find immense joy in taking ingredients, putting them together with a glass of wine in hand and Michael Bublé humming in the background. In this mountain cabin, I am in my element. I was so excited to create my menu for the week because I knew it would be frigid {it is 15 degrees} which means… SOUP!

We love soup. My kids slurp it up and ask for seconds, then thirds. So that was the basis of my menu. For the first night up, I wanted to make my tried and true Pork Green Chili recipe… it is hearty, it warms the body and soul… and the tomatillos give a nod to the wild wild West. This is a perfect meal for a cold, winter day…

Pork Green Chili

Portions depend on how large your crowd is.

2-3 pound pork butt

3 lbs of tomatillos

2 white onions

2 cartons of chicken bone broth (or stock or reg broth)

Olive oil

Salt & pepper

Cut up the pork butt into small bite size pieces, then in batches sear the meat. Remove from the pan into a bowl, set aside. Once all the pork is seared, add in the diced onion to the pan with a touch more olive oil. When the onion is translucent, add in the tomatillos. You have to peel the tomatillo skin off (if you have trouble, run it under hot water), cut into quarters (or more if the tomatillos are large) then add to the pot with the onion. Stir and then add in the chicken stock. Add the pork back in, bring to a boil and then return heat to low for a few hours.

There are many options to serve this chili with… you could serve it over rice, potatoes, or on it’s own. You can put shredded cheese on top, serve with tortillas or cornbread. It is versatile, kid-friendly, super easy to throw together, and sure to please any large crowd.


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