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Who's Ready For A Giveaway?? #wellnesswins

Today starts a sale for the Beginner's Box with Young Living. I have to be straight with you all and tell you how much this bundle has changed my family's life. Especially after my diagnosis with breast cancer.

Halen was constantly sick as a baby... it broke my mama heart. I had to find a different solution for her. Evan always had headaches and skin issues, I had to find a different solution for him. I always had digestive issues and then had cancer... I had to find a different solution for me.

Our home is not stocked full of toxin free, safe, health-benefiting products. Young Living makes it so incredibly easy for a busy mom like me to provide the very best for my family. So it would be an absolute disservice to not share this with my readers!

What comes in the kit?

Lavender: this one is the Swiss Army Knife of Oils... have an issue start with lavender. It helps support calming feelings, perfect to add to a warm bath for kiddos as they wind down for bed, perfect in the diffuser to help them enter dreamland and also a wonderful support for the plethora of skin issues... I'm talking eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, burnt skin, bug bites, etc.

Lemon: this one is full of d-limonene (google it) and helps boost energy. I love adding into my diffuser to start the day and I love adding in my water and hot tea to help boost my immune system and keep me hydrated.

Peppermint: Perfect for any minor pain, you can apply for headache relief, tummy ache relief, works wonders for seasonal support (added with lemon + lavender), I also love putting peppermint on my wrists and in my diffuser to keep me energized and focused for the day.

DiGize: This one won me over with my first use. I already mentioned my difficult immune system, well this gem helped relieve my pain right away. I cannot even tell you how many different digestive aids I have tried over the years and none of them really worked. My girls ask for this one any time they have a tummy ache. Whenever the tummy bug hits our house (rarely these days), once I put DiGize on it nips it in the bud fast. Seriously, a miracle for moms.

Thieves: This is the oil that made me a believer. After Halen having back to back ear infections (5 her first year of life) I was over it. I did not want her having surgery that little, welcome thieves. I put it on the bottoms of her feet and lo and behold, her ear infections went away. Hallelujah! I put on our spine, I put in our diffuser, I put in hot tea for Evan and I I add to our Ningxia Red in the mornings... this is truly fantastic to support and strengthen the immune system. This oil = preventative care and keeps the flu far away from our house.

Frankincense: this one doesn't get enough credit... it has some pretty amazing properties that can help keep some pretty big disease monsters away (google it), I put a drop on my tongue everyday to keep my own monster away. It is also amazing for skin support... hello fountain of youth!

Stress Away: this oil is what I refer to as my #momperfume it smells like an island and just keeps me from getting anxious and stressed...which let's be honest with all the #momming going on and #lifeaftercancer going on... it is a lot so this one is a personal fav. You won't want to put it down.

Raven: this oil is newer to our kit and perfect for supporting the respiratory system. Whenever my girls have congestion, a runny nose, or a cough I will rub Raven diluted with coconut oil on their chest and add to our diffuser. It smells so good with eucalyptus and peppermint in it.... it is awesome for this time of the year.

Copaiba: this one has become my BFF. It is a natural anti-inflammatory... you all know that chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases, cancer, pretty much all things bad stem from inflammation... right? So hello BFF. I put a drop on my tongue everyday to keep my body out of an inflammatory state. It also helps relieve teething pain or inflammation from a muscle ache or muscle tear, etc. Another fabulous mama tool!

Citrus Fresh: is also newer to our kit and I love adding it into our laundry. I put 5 drops into every wash cycle with our Thieves Laundry Detergent, it keep our clothes smelling fresh and citrusy. You can also use with cleaning (counters and such) and I add to our diffuser for that fresh citrus scent.

Panaway: this is our heavy duty pain reliever. Folks I used this as my only pain relief for my birth with Henley. I mixed it with Copaiba and it truly helped relieve my pain and discomfort. Add to a hot bath with epsom salt to sooth sore muscles. Use coconut oil and rub on a back for a back ache, it smells like Icy Hot and brings back all the nostalgia from my track running days in middle school.

Diffuser: For the sale we are featuring the Desert Mist it has 11 light options, a Moroccan look and perfect for a little princess's room or any room as a night light.

Thieves Cleaner: You get a sample of thieves cleaner that is enough to fill a cleaning bottle (one full bottle use), it is made with the thieves and lemon to help safely kill bad bacteria, keep things clean and safe for our bodies to breathe in and have on our skin. Beware: most cleaners are not safe for you to breathe in or have on your skin and cause a full spectrum of issues from infertility, to hormone issues, to skin irritations, to allergies, to asthma, to cancer, to chronic illnesses, to autoimmune diseases. Thieves cleaner can replace ALL of those and you can use it on EVERY single surface in your home. You can make it stronger by adding more, but it is super concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Ningxia Red: You get two samples of our antioxidant juice. We drink a shot every morning to support our systems and keep us healthy. I have seen incredible testimonies of this juice helping with all kinds of issues. I believe it can help issues from the inside out.

Your membership gets you a 24% wholesale discount from that point forward and the chance to earn points back for every purchase with Essential Rewards (the best family subscription box ever created).

Please follow the link to get your discounted premium starter kit today:

Any local who buys a kit today will be entered to win two tickets to the Home & Garden Show this weekend in Austin! So click this link and win your tickets! Thank you for being such wonderful, supportive readers! When you purchase your kit message me with your name and include #austinhomeandgardenshow in your message to win.

I use this business as an opportunity to be home with my girls, sharing my passion of wellness and as a ministry to reach people with God's goodness.

Happy Friday!

* I am not a doctor, I cannot diagnose. Young Living cannot diagnose or prescribe. These are my personal opinions of what has worked for me.

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