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Rise Up: Our Henley Girl's Birth

Three years ago I had an impressive baby belly with what I would soon to find out was an 8 lb 9 oz baby in my womb. My first born came right on time, on her due date (at 9 lbs). So I had an inkling that my second would come early.

This go round I decided to choose a mid-wife which was the best decision I could ever make. Being a first time mom, I had no idea what I was doing. I just felt like I was thrown into the Spanish running of the bulls, trying to keep up. I denied the epidural, but decided to take the “margarita drug” and was never encouraged to get up, move around, change positions, nada. I knew I wanted to try things differently this time.

This time I was confident in my body and I was calm. I was encouraged to truly channel my body and the mid-wife wanted me to control the labor and birth versus the other way around with a doctor barking at me to not push because they weren’t ready.

What? Honey, this baby is coming when she is coming… one cannot NOT push when the baby is ready.

So early in the morning on Saturday, May 23,, 2016 I had a feeling our baby girl was going to be born.

Around 10 my husband wanted to make the trek (25 minutes) to the hospital just in case. So we took our time, we got some breakfast, we got to the hospital and just hung out in the reception area.

I was positive for Strep B and so they told me I would have to get 2 doses of antibiotics before the baby was born, to protect them. I tried to explain that my babies came pretty fast and if they didn’t admit me early enough this may not happen.

I also knew that the more I moved, the more likely the baby’s labor would progress and her birthday would be that day. So pretty quickly after getting to the hospital and having a different mid-wife check me saying I was 4 cm, we had lunch and then I started walking around the hospital.

I walked 6 miles. Around the hospital. In the worst shoes too, slippery sandals. But I kept at it. Stopping every so often when contractions waved through. My clary sage & ylang ylang essential oil combo was helping naturally progress my labor too.

Halen was soon picked up by our cousin, Sharon and then Evan and I were in full: let’s have a baby today mode.

I kept checking in with the staff to let them know that once my baby was coming, she was coming fast. Finally around 4 pm they admitted me. They started the first dose of antibiotics (if I had a 3rd, I would have denied this) and then I was check to see if my amniotic sack was broken at all.

Sure enough there was a tiny tear and I was here to stay. This time with a mid-wife I was encouraged to walk around, using intermittent monitoring, bouncing on a ball, using my hubby to wrap my arms around when a strong contraction came through. I loved the freedom of no drugs, this crystal clear focus kept me on my game. I had a job to do and I was ready, I was determined to inner my channel warrior and bring this baby into the world as naturally as possible. Evan applied my calm blend: lavender, gentle baby, peace & calming and stress away to my wrists and ankles. He also applied my pain blend: Panaway & Copaiba on my lower abdomen and lower back to help the pain. We had Thieves diffusing in our hospital room. (Our nurses LOVED coming into our room, they said it was like a spa.)

A bit later my mid-wife checked me again and my water broke, what a wild feeling! A huge, uncontrollable gush.

That is when contractions got intense, there is no doubt about that. But they only lasted a minute. I would lock eyes with Evan and breathe through it. The power between us was truly incredible. It was definitely painful, but to me it was a different kind of pain, it was a powerful, conquering kind of pain. One that made me feel so accomplished. I had to rise up and zone in to my inner lioness.

When it was getting closer, my mid-wife asked if I wanted to use the birthing stool and I said sure.

She brought in something that looked like it belonged in a tribe off in a tiny town of a third world country.

But I loved it! It was a wooden stool without the middle part. The gravity helped me push through my contractions and finally when I felt it was time to push, I asked, “should I push??” And my mid-wife said if I felt like pushing, I should push.

How empowering! My first birthing experience was just so different. This one was all on my terms.

So I pushed and pushed and just as I wanted, at 7:21 PM I was able to pull my baby girl earthside, myself. Henley’s birth was hands down the most incredible experience of my life. And I would do it over again in a split second.

Henley was covered in vernix, and I just rubbed that into her body. I quickly wanted to be back in the bed so I could cuddle with my newborn babe. Our hospital view had mountains in the distance, so serene. Three hours from the time we were admitted to being cozy in bed with my newest girl.

Halen came in the next day with our cousins to meet her baby sister, she was so cute and excited to meet Henley.

Our family was complete. Henley Charlevoix Wiatrek was the perfect addition to our family.

From that moment on I was on an oxytocin high, absolutely enamored with my precious babe. My hubby and I enjoyed our view and the delicious food at the Castle Rock Adventist Hospital, that apparently has a "fine dining" restaurant in it. I was in pure bliss and felt so accomplished after conquering something that meant so much to me.

Henley is our animated, happy girl who loves sleeping in, cuddles, her blankie, a total foodie like her mama, wants to dance on stage and follow all the things her big sister does. Three years has gone by in the blink of an eye and we are so grateful God trusted us with this beautiful little soul.

P.S. Mamas, we can do hard things. Our bodies can do hard things. I believe in you to do hard things. Rewards are abundant when you do hard things

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