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Create a Toxin Free Living Space With These Powerful Plants

Did you know plants can clean the air?

They can eradicate dangerous chemicals in our air that are emitted from various pollutants today. And the bonus is… these plants are hard to kill. For someone trying to develop a green thumb, this is an extra bonus .

According to Nicholas Giaquinto, a conservatory horticulturalist at Denver Botanic Gardens there are top four plants to be placed in specific areas of the home that can greatly benefit your family’s air quality.


Flamingo Flower

Anthurium andraeanum

This year-round bloomer with pink or red flowers needs bright, indirect light and likes to live next to the faucet (or receive regular spritzes of water). This valuable plant absorbs ammonia – often found in conventional cleaning products – airborne formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene. Caution: Cats and dogs can get sick fi they ingest too much, so keep above where your fur babies can reach.


Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Sanseveria trifasciata

Also known as the snake plant, this uber-popular sculptural house-plant is particularly good at extracting formaldehyde and benzene (found in paint, plastics, detergents.) This pointy plant also gives off oxygen at night, making it a great sleep companion. Place this champion plant near a window where it can access indirect sunlight.


Rose-Painted Calathea

Calathea roseopicta

Since this leafy plant prefers low light and high humidity (it’s natural habitat is in South American rainforests), this decorative prayer plant with eye-catching leaf patterns is perfectly fit living in the bathroom. This crusader plant filters a variety of poisonous compounds and is nontoxic to pets.


ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas zamilfolia

This plant is known as the “plant of steel,” the (pet-toxic) ZZ plant will survive even if work deadlines keep you from watering, and it can handle lower light. This resilient plant removes a number of pollutants from the air, including benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene, and xylene, so while working late you are receiving huge benefits.

This Valentines Day, forget a bouquet of roses...instead hint to hubby that you would prefer one of these healthy heros!

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