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Mamas-- What Can You Do in 45 Minutes?

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Moms usually have a love/hate relationship with working out.

No matter what side you sit, we all know exercise is important for our health…especially as we age.

Finding the right workout for you is a challenging feat. We are all made differently and we all have different exercise goals. The fantastic part about 2020 is there is a workout option for just about everyone.

If you are anything like me, you grew up as an athlete being pushed through every sport that was offered in school. As I aged I yearned for a workout that was similar to what I grew up with loving.

I loved pushing myself to my limit. I loved the burn, I loved how a sports workout always changed and I didn’t land into a boring half run on the treadmill. (Praise hands to those of you who can stay focused on that thing.)

I was always one who needed more motivation and a workout to follow. If left to my own devices I would wander around the gym, sporting my workout gear and hardly break a sweat.

Now as a mama, I just don’t have time to dawdle. I need to get in and get out. I want to be efficient and productive in my exercise time.

It took me awhile to find a workout that truly worked for me. This year, my friend introduced me to F45 and I was hooked.

Not only is this workout a quick 45 minutes, the workout changes every single day and the workout works every muscle you can think of (and not think of). F45 is accompanied with motivational coaches, that actually workout themselves along with music that keeps you working hard. The coaches are careful to provide modified moves for everyone, regardless of where they are at in their fitness journey. This is especially good for pregnant mamas, postnatal mamas, recovering mamas, or mamas who are jumping back in the saddle.

I have worked out on everything so far from the rowing machine, to sand bags, to medicine balls, doing bear crawls, hammer weights, sprints, box jumps, and other moves I am still trying to figure out.

But what I have figured out is I walk in like a fog and afterwards I walk out refreshed and with the best workout high I’ve ever had.

Not only has this exercise program been helping me physically, since my oncologist recommended it is time for me to build muscle mass so I can strengthen my bones.

These workouts also keep my heart healthy. AND they have done amazing things for my mental health.

Many don’t realize how beneficial working out is to your mental health, but the positive endorphins that circulate through your body and brain are released while working out and these can dramatically reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.

Need a kickstart? F45 offers a 8-week challenge quarterly where they focus not only on physical workouts, but also nutrition. They have weigh ins that are able to see your body weight, BMI, water weight, fat %, etc. You are partnered up with a coach and a nutrition specialist to help track your progress over the 8 weeks. It is a pretty amazing way to get a jumpstart into health and wellness.

For me this was the best option after my reconstruction surgery last year, long recovery, and hysterectomy this past fall. I was ready to get focused and get myself back physically and mentally.

F45 has locations all over, so it is easy to find one near you! They offer times all day long from super early before the kids go to school, to during the day for SAHMs or moms working from home like me or they have evening classes for after work to get that traffic-related stress off your shoulders.

Whatever you choose, you will love it. You’ll walk out with sweat & a smile!

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