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Mom's Guide to a Non-Toxic Valentine's Day

Alright Mamas, Valentines Day is just days away… what have you stocked up with for your littles?

We are still in the middle of winter which means the sniffles, lower immune systems and viruses are just waiting to attack.

What to viruses love? Sugar. The immune system becomes suppressed and unable to fight when viruses or illnesses enter the system.

Which is why so many get sick from October through February…

There must be a way to have a fun, memorable, loving Valentine’s Day without a focus on unhealthy sugary options.

What comes with conventional sugar snacks? Synthetic dyes, artificial flavorings…

Red 40 has been studied to show significant harmful changes in behaviors.

So why are we still adding it to candy for kids? Why is it still allowed in schools?

Let me help you with a few items I recommend that are low in sugar, fewer ingredients and no synthetic or artificial ingredients.

1. Unreal Gems– this company is amazing! Got started because their parents (like me) didn’t want them eating candies with scary ingredients, so that inspired them to make something better. For Valentines check out their dark chocolate crispy gems with quinoa!

2. Vegan Chocolate Hearts – these are made with delicious Traverse City Cherries + dark chocolate… no scary ingredients here! Perfect for a treat bag or surprise on Feb 14th morning.

3. SmartSweet’s Gummy Bears – best part 3 GRAMS of sugar for the whole bag! #momwin

4. Cocomel’s Coconut Milk Caramels – creamy, delicious and made better

5. SmartSweet’s even has SweetFish! My brother loved Swedish Fish growing up, so cool that there is another option that is healthier when we crave something sweet.

You can also celebrate your love without treats:

1. Wake up your sweethearts with 14 heart-shaped love notes on their door

2. Make a healthy heart-shaped pizza and top with healthy red ingredients like: red bell peppers, healthier pepperoni, red beets, and once baked top with sliced red radishes and red leaf lettuce – great way to teach about eating a FAV and making it healthier

3. Tea Party – have a tea party after school with your little loves. Serve a berry tea, serve red strawberries and raspberries. This one on one time will be so special for you and our darlin.

4. Paint a project – my kids love painting. Grab a canvas, grab fun items to paint with like a whisk, fork and potato masher. Grab this non-toxic paint in all the reddish hues you can find and you have a candid art piece in the making.

5. Surprise your little one with a cute new Valentine's Day outfit to wear! I love this option because it is made from a small Brooklyn-based shop, with raw materials and organic cotton to further protect our bodies and our planet.

These are sure to bring big smiles to your sweet babies' faces! Each day should be celebrated! Choose Joy friends!

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