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Prepper List 2021

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

After 2020 began, and toilet paper disappearing, I quickly felt like there was nothing wrong with being prepared. Kind of like saying, “better to be safe than sorry”, right?

So I started creating bags with necessities in case we would need them. When the snowstorm 2021 hit, we needed them. Every time you go to the store grab a few of these items and stock them away in case you need it. This can fit in any budget. And this list is constantly growing!

1. Water

2. Rice

3. Flour

4. Dried fruit

5. Tuna packets

6. Canned chicken

7. Canned veggies

8. Granola

9. Trail mix

10. Oatmeal

11. Spam (hey if you really needed it, you’d be happy)

12. Toothpaste tablets (Chomps were our fav)

13. Life straws

14. Honey

15. Canned fruit (pineapple & pears)

16. Toilet paper

17. Soup (chicken noodle, lentil & tomato were our favs)

18. Peanut butter

19. Spices (Bagel spice makes everything better)

20. Crackers

21. Pancake mix

22. Seeds (ya never know! We ended planting these this season anyhow but always good to have seeds on hand in case you need to learn to rely on yourself for food.)

23. Firestarters (DIY – use empty toilet paper holders + laundry lint)

24. Propane

25. Firewood

26. Pasta

27. Broth

28. Canned Goods (even better learning to can yourself!)

29. Blankets

30. A backpack filled with a pair of clothes for family in case you had to leave in a hurry

We tried to buy as many things as we could organic, because that is always the best option. I loved all the cool options healthier stores like Natural Grocers or Sprouts had that I could stock up on like the mini almond maple butter packets, honey packets, yummy crackers and such. Am I missing anything? Let me know!

I am one who loves being prepared and I love learning to rely on myself, my resourcefulness and my own skills. If anything 2020 has taught us, that sharpening our own skills for self-reliance is not a bad thing. Take care y’all!

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