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The dishes are done, mama will be right there.

Are the dishes ever done in your house? As a work from home mom, they are never done. As soon as I clean up from breakfast, I feel like it’s time to work on a snack and prep for lunch. Of course that is all now heightened with homeschooling.

I find myself yearning to be with my babies, to be with my family and yet there’s always something to do...

When Evan comes home and the weather is nice, the family (even the pup) skip outside and I want to join them, yet I feel compelled to stay inside to prepare things for my family.

In the mornings, I want to just sit on my couch, Bible open and drink hot coffee while cuddling with my littles ...

But then who will cook breakfast?

After breakfast, I want to go outside and immerse myself in our mini homestead... tend to the garden or hold a chicken on the porch...

But who will do the dishes?

I want to tackle homeschooling, get work done, finally check my emails. Be productive.

But who will start lunch?

I begin to make a picnic lunch of my girls’ favorites...carrots, berries, cheese, tomatoes.. as I hear them swinging and laughing.

OK, I can finally go out and enjoy them too.

I walk out prepared to sit with my glass of hot tea.

“Mommy I need a napkin.”

“Mommy can I have a spoon?”

I smile, and get up once again.

Before I know it, dinner recipes start dancing in my mind...and the mound of laundry looms in my peripheral vision...

This cycle continues day in and day out.

I know I am not alone in this.

And I am starting to understand that, “the dishes are never done.”

Mom’s work is never done.

I encourage myself to rest in the fact that this role was chosen for me.

I was given this gift to provide these things for my family.

I get to make their meals.

I get to do their laundry.

I get to care of them.

I get to tend to their needs.


God didn’t choose that job for anyone else but me.

So as I do the 8,673rd dish of the day, instead of grumbling...I will do it with a smile. And maybe some days I’ll leave the dishes so I can join my babies. Some days need more grace than others and I firmly believe in following the pulse of your family’s needs... if my daughters need an extra cuddle I will put down the dishes and go tend to them.

If my girls need that conversation about why Lavender likes to snuggle with the chickens in a funny dance, I will leave the mess to just sit in their presence and talk about God's design.

One day this house will be empty. With plenty of time to clean. For now, I’ll clean as I go and if they need me for a tea party or to play Uno, or to push them on the swing. I’ll be okay with the dishes not being done.

Mamas, let's make a contentment pack to do just this. Rest in their presence overflowing with gratitude that this is our chosen role.

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