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The Thrill of Hope

As I sit cozy on my couch with the twinkling Christmas tree in my peripheral vision donning wool socks on my feet as the house slumbers. I reflect on life…

From Thanksgiving until Christmas there is a yearning in my heart…the weariness of the year has taken a toll on me and many others.

I long for hope.

Can anyone relate?

As December starts, that glowing in my heart for hope beams, the thrill of Christ our King. In December, we get excited about the lights, the decorations, the presents, the Christmas cards, the cookies, the parties, the movies…and as exciting, fun, delicious and enchanting those all are… what happens in January?

The Christmas trees are put out on the curb

The remnants of cookies are thrown into the trash

Christmas cards are stowed away

Wrapping paper is recycled

And eventually…

Toys break

The beautiful sweater tears

Christmas pajamas no longer fit

The world is always changing. Life is always changing. We grow, things fade and whither.

What never changes is God’s love for His people.

He recognized our weariness in this ever changing world that can send us up the highest mountain of joy and in the next second, plunge us into the deepest, darkest valley of woe.

God saw this and his remedy was to send Emmanuel, to offer an olive branch, to build a bridge between his might and our weakness.

This olive branch came as a small babe, born among animals in the dirt and grime of a stable. This babe did not come with a silver spoon in his mouth. He did not come with a velvet onesie, he was not born to the "royal" family. This small babe, Jesus was God with us.

And from that moment, a star appeared in the sky and angels appeared to sing of his greatness. The hearts of simple men and wise men sung with hope.

The thrill was intoxicating.

God’s love is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Each year as we become weary we can delight in Him for His promises are true. He saw we needed a Savior and that is why Jesus came to live among us. Jesus would break bread with anyone, the homeless, the wretched, the drug addict, the healthcare worker, the single mom, the workaholic, the detached family, the soldier, the influencer, the lonely.

And the hope he provides lives on in hearts across the world, this thrill of hope carries us beyond the captivating season of Christmas.

This hope is available to us as a free gift at any time, any day, any moment.

So as you celebrate this week, remember the greatest gift that is available free to you upon the whisper of a “yes”. Remember that this hope that God sends, gives us joy and peace that the world cannot provide.

When this gift is accepted you will know freedom that you never thought was possible.

Merry Christmas… this new and glorious morn. May God’s olive branch, his greatest gift of his one and only son light up your path today and always. May you rejoice and fall on your knees for our Savior is near.

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