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Tidings Of Comfort & Joy

Ever since I had memories I recall the love of being cozy. I love creating a warm, cozy atmosphere wherever I go. I think my parents instilled this in me and I carry it with me today. The first thing I do when I come home is get cozy. Fuzzy socks, comfy pants, an oversized sweatshirt...I get an extra hot cup of coffee, or hot soup or hot tea, or hot water with lemon and cozy up.

If someone starts to feel sick I worry about their comfort. I have always been aware of my own children’s comfort.

Comfort has always been important to me.

However, as a Christian, I read daily in my bible that God doesn’t want us to be comfortable.

He wants us to be spreading the word of His gospel, which is hard and trying and uncomfortable.

Most think of Christianity as a tidy, cozy box with plush lining adorned with Christmas sparkles.

But the truth could not be farther from that picture. Jesus is the perfect example. If he were here today he’d always be hanging out with the least expected people.

He would stand next to the homeless man on the corner, he would break bread with the woman facing an addiction, he would hug the prisoner, he would pray with the adulterer, he would accept what we deem unacceptable.

He would be in the area of need, the place of discomfort, he would forego his meals, his give up his warmth and he would hand his shoes to another.

It is very hard to be uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, God promises that true Christian life is not easy, but it is full of joy, abundance and blessings. Despite the hunger, the chill, the lack thereof...there is salvation and God takes care of His people.

So as you move through this holiday season, think about how comfortable you and your family are.

What can you do to step outside your comfort zone for another?

How can you put a stranger before yourself?

How can you act more like Jesus would?

I think that is the true meaning of Christmas...of comfort & joy. To give up our comfort for the chance to feel pure joy.

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