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We're Out of Time

I shared previously about God’s jealousy and how it found me, how it seeks to find each of us. I shared about how with one button, my life was paved in a different direction… as a mother of a newborn, as a child of God who so desperately wanted that close relationship with me, as a wife, as a person.

The station that changed my life 6 years ago was Spirit 105.9, the lyrics that rang clear in my car opened my eyes to a world where you can choose hope, encouragement, and joy. We don’t have to go along with status quo if it brings us down. After all, God calls to be set apart from the world.

God wants abundance, joy and wonder for our lives. And while it may not always seem wonderful, joyful or abundant…His promises give our heart that elation it needs to be brave even when we feel nothing but.

A few weeks ago I heard the news that Spirit 105.9 was sold to the larger conglomerate station and my heart sunk… I am fiercely loyal and I dedicate myself to supporting small businesses, smaller operations… that is what sets America apart.

“You’re out of time,” is was what echoed in my head.

So many times I wanted to call in and tell them how thankful I was for this ministry.

Because that is what they were, they were a ministry to every listener.

They completely changed the course of our life. They pointed us to what is most important, a relationship with Jesus.

It made me think of how often we take things for granted in life. Relationships. A schedule. Holidays. A career. Finances. Our homes. Clothing. Our favorite pet. A radio station…

I took this part of my every day for granted and now they were going to slip away.

I was out of time.

This small, local station created a ripple effect in Austin…their small acts of kindness, their words of encouragement, their servant heart were like skipping small stones in a lake but this affected so created waves and will leave a mark on Austin forever.

The loss of Spirit 105.9 seemed frustratingly on par for 2020.

All the parts of our lives that we loved most, all that we felt was tried and true, people that we held dear were stripped from us and a completely different way of life was forced upon us.

Nothing has been certain. 2020 has shown us that we are out of time.

We can no longer sashay through life taking these integral parts of life for granted.

2020 told us to slow down, that we were in desperate need of pausing, reflecting, thanking, re-learning, asking questions and adapting in a greater way.

We need to do just that, to be still. To show our thanks. Because just as 2020 has taken so much from us, that really is the perfect way to describe life… here and gone.

So here I am waving my white flag encouraging you to stop and have the coffee with your neighbors on the porch. To put the phone down and snuggle your little one on the couch. To stow your computer away and just be with your spouse. To dust off your bible and reach out to Jesus. To take the trip with your dear friends. To breathe in the air. To collect the seashells on the beach. To call in the radio station and give them your testimony.

Don’t wait until you are out of time. We have much to be thankful for every single day.

Lord, we don’t want to miss what you have for us. Keep us in the moment. Help us live with our eyes wide open.

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