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When Evil Becomes Good

Remember the good ole days when neighbors decorated for Halloween

October 31st the week before with one or maybe a handful of Jack o Lanterns?

What happened to that?

Have you noticed the explosion in the Halloween holiday?

Now neighbors start decorating in September and the decor has gotten more creepy, more terrifying and more evil. Across the street I have to stare at an eyeball in a hand that moves from side to side.

We go on walks to enjoy the cooler air and have to walk past the Clown It and his bloody, terrifying face... how is that good for my 6 and 8 year old to see?

Why? Why do we think it is acceptable to desensitize our babies to think being scared is cool?

If you haven’t caught on, money is behind everything that gets trendy and popular.

The enemy is also on the prowl and grins from ear to ear with all the Christians who justify celebrating Halloween. I think the leader of the Satanic church is even quoted saying, "at least Christians let their children worship satan one night a year." I mean... yikes.

Friends, I used to go all out. We had an annual Halloween karaoke party for years. I would decorate the hallway all spooky, I’d make a cauldron cake. We thought it was all in good fun. Ironically, our family didn’t like anything scary (rated G please). But we were caught up in the culture.

Then slowly but surely, my heart started to shift. It started when I became a mama, a natural moment in time to shift your ideals and values. We started off all cute with decorations and matching costumes.

Then one year I decided I was done with trick or treating. We don’t eat candy, never have in my little, growing fam. It didn’t sit right with me to allow my kiddos to go trick or treat and get rid of all their candy. So we stopped.

We started holding a little fall parry and making fall foods and still dressing up.

God continued to work in my heart and one day it just clicked. Halloween exemplifies and upholds all that is dark and death. Exactly what the Devil wants to celebrate darkness and death.

God doesn’t condone that.

Why would we bend to a culture that celebrated such evil things?

Christ celebrates all that is good, pure, light, lovely and beautiful.

I know everyone grows differently in their faith walk. I know God changes hearts at a different pace. But this one started to seem glaringly obvious to me. The Bible says that there will be a day when evil becomes good and it sure seems that those days are upon us.

Sometimes I get caught up in, “why can’t things be like the good ole days”? And God has shifted my mind to understand that the best is yet to come and spending time in His word daily, refusing to bend to the pop culture we are surrounded by, standing firm on his Word will bring the glory days.

So if you are on the fence on the whole Halloween issue, it’s okay to stop. It’s okay to readjust your ways of celebrating fall.

Romans 12:2 tells us not to conform to the ways of the world. What better scripture to cling to than during a time when things seem to get darker and darker.

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