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Uh Oh... Someone is Sick

Most of you might wonder how sickness goes down in our house, since I talk about how healthy we all are all the time. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does...well I’ll give you an example. The other night, Henley ate dinner fine, then we were cuddled watching a Christmas movie on Netflix and bam. Suddenly she’s throwing up. Evan is with Hen, so I whip into action. After getting towels and our Seedlings wipes to wipe down her face and body— I grab thieves and put it on the bottoms of her feet. I also add oregano (nature's amoxicillin) to help fight off whatever crud she has in her system. I also apply DiGize to her belly to support her digestive system. All one drop, all diluted. Then I fill the diffuser full of thieves to have on right where we are. This all happened at like 7:45 pm. An hour later we try to get settled into bed (me sleeping by Henley of course to make sure my babe is okay). And she throws up again. After cleaning her up I re-apply all the said above and finally move into the spare room to get her settled for sleep. Sidenote: we also cleaned the throw up and floor with the all-powerful Thieves Cleaner. This stuff rocks. Normally, before oils, we would have had a child throwing up all night long. Around the clock with no “fix”... taking her into the doctor because we feel so helpless. And we'd probably have to take off work the following week to figure out what was going on with our kiddo. These days, it is much milder. These Young Living essential oils we use (aka plant juice) can help protect the body from sickness. (And most of the time it does.) But sickness happens, what they do do is build up our immune systems enough that we are less affected. We aren’t brought down as hard or for as long. And the remedies we put in place while feeling crummy, are building that system back up again.

What has happened in our family is we have taken a proactive approach to sickness, we build our systems up before sickness hits instead of being reactive and panicking when sickness hits.

This tummy bug lasted a few hours. Henley slept great that night and woke up as our sweet, giggly, happy toddler.

We had this happen another time a few months ago, which has solidified that everything we do in our home is successfully keeping our bodies, healthy, strong and WELL. Our family has been through some of the worst and back, I wouldn't recommend something that wasn't rock solid after all I've been through. I don't have time for that.

Sick of being sick? I am so passionate about preventative care and wellness, I share what is life changing for our family because eventually I hope every family gets it. What do you have to lose after all? Being healthy? Sounds like a win win to me. This month if you buy a starter kit and sign up for our rewards program (best ever) you get a free bottle of nutmeg (hello delicousness in my coffee)!

This fall and winter season I hope everyone is healthy and happy!

Choose joy!

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