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When The Whole World Falls In Love

We were driving around last night looking at Christmas Lights and when a commercial came on our Christmas song station, I immediately switched it to the cd I had in my car. Johnny Mathis. Not many of you may know him, but he brings back all kinds of nostalgia from my childhood Christmases growing up. My mom always had his cd and Nat King Cole's ready to play.

I am humming to the tunes as Johnny sings while the twinkling lights pass by. My heart is full... this season is full of magic. Then Johnny sings about this time of year and when, "the whole world falls in love." And that just stuck with me.

It is so true, at least for me. As we move into September

I become smitten and after Thanksgiving I am full blown head over heals. I fall in love with the season, the kindness it brings, the looks in my daughters eyes, the smiles, the generosity, the beauty that surrounds us.

Watching Christmas through my daughters' eyes has to be one of the most incredible things on the planet. Their childlike innocence is just so endearing and darling. I want to show them everything and give them every perfect Christmas experience.

Our Christmas last year was really difficult and this year we are lighter, we smile easier, we breathe easier. It is easy in the hubbub of life to take it for granted, but when you experience what our little family has we just hold tight to these sweet memories we are thankful to make.

As you enjoy your family and friends this week, pause and breathe in...savor these simple, treasured moments. Immerse yourself in the joys of Christmas. Put your phone away and just be present.

Allow yourself to fall in love all over again with this life that you live and all that are in it.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours. Thank you for your support.

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