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Ditch & Switch :: Supporting Our Littles

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

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Becoming a mama is one of the most rewarding, terrifying accomplishments life has to offer. There is so much anticipation in however way that women reach motherhood. And once the little one is placed into your arms and the oxytocin simmers down, 99% of moms are filled with the fear of something happening to your tiny one. You suddenly become a true Mama Bear and will do anything to protect your precious love. With this fierce protective nature, comes a sense of not ever wanting to feel helpless or unable to provide safety, security and support to the small babe relying on you to take care of them.

I, like many other mamas, was in this position, I relied on mainstream/conventional methods to “soothe” my child until those options failed me.

I have shared my story quite a bit, but a re-cap is my first babe was constantly sick her first year of life, despite being exclusively breastfed… I thought I was providing her a safe home, but she had back to back to back ear infections adding up to 5 per ear by 11 months old. I had to stop and evaluate what was going on, because this was not right. I was tired of the pediatrician telling me this was “normal”. My mama gut said, “no this is not normal for my child to be sick all the time.”

I had discovered essential oils like others, but never thought much of them. Until I was desperate to keep my child out of surgery and to provide her with support that was not a band aid, but a solution. A friend told me her story and recommended Thieves.

I applied this nightly on my 11 month old, diluting with coconut oil and that next month I watched in awe as her ear infections stopped, her immune system seemed to be getting stronger, she was thriving.

I dove in and started doing everything I could to ditch & switch in our home. I realized that many of the products sold on store shelves contained harmful ingredients that can actually suppress an immune system. I have spent quite a bit of time laying out those ingredients, if you missed my posts on this take a look here.

I remember BM (before motherhood) skating through life thinking I was making healthy decisions, but when I became a mom was when I truly started asking questions and being more critical about what I was putting on and in our family’s systems. This led me to downloading the ThinkDirty app, watching the Stink documentary and throwing out many products, replacing them and finding natural solutions to strengthen our systems the way God intended.

Like anything you have to use caution, common sense and care when using essential oils around a baby or little one. I am not a doctor and these are all my personal recommendations on what has worked for my family and I would love to help support your family as well.


1. Seedlings – Young Living created a baby line with products to help support the delicate system of a baby. They offer everything you can think of! My favorites are:

a. Baby Lotion – everyone in the family can use it, has lavender and supports all skin types, sensitive and nourishing

b. Diaper Cream – I am still using this one for the occasional red bum. It creates a truly protective layer with calming ingredients like lavender and coconut oil unlike conventional brands.

c. Body Wash – this is a 3 in 1 wash and can be used all the way up to adults

d. Baby Wipes – I have raved about these time and again as they are versatile and can be used as wipes, dryer sheets and face wipes (and clean up!)

Other great Seedlings products: baby oil, linen spray and a new Seedlings baby essential oil for the diffuser to sooth for nap or bedtime.

One of the best, safest and easiest ways to use an essential oil for a little one is in the diffuser. Young Living just launched their Little Oilers Kit and it is fantastic! Feather the Owl diffuser is so sweet, runs all night long, well-made, has a noise machine inside and it is adorable for any child’s room.

This kit comes with the KidScents collections:

+ TummyGize – soothes any belly issue, my girls love applying themselves

+ Geneyus – fantastic for focus, we diffuse during school time

+ Sniffleease – my girls rub this on their chest or in diffuser or bath anytime they have a runny nose or congestion or cough

+ Owie –perfect tool for any boo boo… scrape, bug bite, burn, bump or bruise

+ Sleepyize – we looooove adding this one into nightly baths and diffuser for restful sleep

*NEW* KidPower – this new oil is added to the collection which is similar to Valor, perfect for big emotions, calming and whole system support [It also comes FREE until 9/30 for any new member snagging this Little Oilers Kit]

We also added all of these KidScents into a roll-on collection which is a super easy, convenient way to apply and tote around in a diaper bag or purse.

Toddlers/Older Kiddos – there is also a KidScents line:

1. KidScents Shampoo & Body Wash – is one of my girls’ favorite with lemon, tangerine kiwi and cucumber it soothes, nourishes and cleanses safely.

2. DIY – many time we make our own hand wash or body wash:

a. We use Pure Castile Soap + our favorite oils {this is a great way to stretch your oily budget}

3. Bar Soaps – Young Living offers several bar soaps, this month Charcoal Body Bar is 10% off, they all are soothing and last a long time {another budget friendly item}. My girls love the Thieves bar, Lemon Sandalwood and Lavender Oatmeal [they also make a perfect gift!]

Game Changers for me as a mom are:

1. Thieves – my gateway oil, this I apply on spine and bottoms of feet to support a strong immune system {the Thieves roller is super handy!} Sometimes I’ll make my own Immune Boosting roller and I’ll add Lemon + Frankincense and sometimes Oregano

2. Lavender + Cedarwood – hands down one of the most incredible combos, the smell is 😍

3. RC – this one is a fall/winter must for our family. We make our own chest rub with coconut oil *NEW* Young Living just came out with a Thieves Chest Rub which we will definitely add to our fall must have list

4. MightyPro – this pre and probiotic helps nurture children’s gut, which is the stem for all immune and system issues. When a child’s gut is strong, the rest of their body is strong. When their gut is “leaky” and weak, that is when issues start to pop up (eczema, autoimmune, behavior issues, psoriasis, allergies, etc)

5. MightyVites – these multivitamins are our go to for supplementing our girls’ diet with vital nutrients, with essential oils added this helps the vitamins to absorb into their bodies instead of being wasted like many conventional kid vitamins. And they are not loaded with sugar.

6. Ningxia Red – this is our go to every morning as our antioxidant, whole body support supplement. It helps rid our bodies of free radicals, which protects our cell growth and then the ripple effect of protecting our gut, immune system, brain, heart, skin, etc. My girls drink 1 oz everyday and more if their system needs extra support.

Please reach out anytime if you have questions or want to talk through any aspect of this.

Mamas, I was there once and feeling helpless was the worst feeling ever. Now I am proud to have tools, knowledge and experience to help protect my daughters. When issues arise I no longer panic, I turn to my oily arsenal and because of that I cannot remember the last time we had a sick visit at the doctor.

If you want to snag the Little Oilers Kit and join our oily tribe click here. I love this company, I love helping others, I love learning! Cheers mamas!

“The wellness and prevention market will outgrow the health care market.” Leroy Hood

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