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Mostly-Crunchy Moms Favorite Road Trip Snacks

I proudly bear the {mostly} crunchy badge as I swear in my 5 years of motherhood under my belt.

With all that I’ve learned, gathered, researched and read it is worth it to me to be conscious about what we put into our bodies. If I want my girls to grow healthfully and if I hold them to certain expectations (i.e. listening, behaving, obeying) then I need to set them up for success.

Carb loading and sugar highs are not setting them up for success.

Through the past few years of trial and error, I have realized what works for us, what fuels my babes in the best way and I have become passionate about sharing my toxin free {as possible} and clean {as possible} lifestyle.

Every summer we head out on a pretty big trek around the country with our family of four. With my husband being a teacher and my work being viral, we love to leave the heat of Texas and explore America the Beautiful.

Courtesy: Chomps

My favorite spot to shop for snacks and goodies for our road trip this year was Trader Joes. Here are some of our favorites:


  1. Plaintain Chips—crunchy, healthier than a potato chip

  2. Cheese – healthy fats (yes please!) TJs just started selling these little individually wrapped rectangles, perfect for kids, perfect for road trips!

  3. Chomps – new fav! Comes in beef, turkey and even venison. Perfect protein snack for the whole fam-- 9 grams in fact. 0 added sugar. 0 preservatives like most other jerky sticks.

  4. Freeze Dried Bananas – my girls love these. Best part: ONE ingredient. (And no mess! #momwin)

  5. Applesauce – great for on the go

  6. Cage Free Hardboiled Eggs – perfect food, chock full of nutrients in one little oval

  7. Bars – Trader Joes has these fruit bars that have 2 ingredients in them. #winwin

  1. Sunflower Butter Power Bites: this protein ball tricks kids into thinking it is a treat.

  2. Mini Organic Gala Apples – perfect size for little hands.

  3. Manadrins – another easy fruit on the go

  4. Salami sticks – TJs has these awesome little snack packs of salami sticks, perfect for kids!

  5. Dried Baby Pineapples – we try to be careful about sugar in our house and we are always looking for alternatives. These are so yummy! We pass out just a couple, because it is easy to eat the whole bag!

Courtesy: Trader Joe's List


  1. Spindrift – these waters are delicious, flavored with real juice without the sugar

  1. Walnut Fig Bites – two ingredients! A little nutty & a little sweet, perfect way to boost your blood sugar when on a hike.

  2. Smoked Salmon Dip – Evan and I love to be in northern Michigan, we eat all of the smoked fish we can get our hands on…this transports us back there. Tasty snack for the road!

  3. Cheese- TJs has an excellent selection of cheese. I love different kinds of cheese and have been spoiled by my parents always picking out fancy cheeses for our road trips. So now I do that and TJs makes it affordable to do so! This time I got Havarti Dill, Smoked Gouda & Baby Swiss.

  4. Plaintain Chips – Jerk Style: The regular ones are taken up a notch with this spicy rub. Just enough spice and flavor.

  5. Alkaline + Electrolyte Water – we love our Berkey filter at home, but when on the go I stock up on these waters so we all have good water to drink while on the go.

  6. Charcuterie – along with cheese, Trader Joes has an awesome selection of salami, prosciutto, etc that are yummy snacks for on the road.

  7. Kiwis—I love kiwis, the tart fruit makes me smile every time. I eat them like an apple (after washing of course) so they make for a perfect snack on the go.

  8. Roasted Unsalted Almonds – Evan and I are always trying to choose healthier snacks. These are perfect because they lend crunch + protein.

  9. Large Alkaline + Electrolyte bottles of water – perfect to fill up kid’s cups too when you’re not sure about the water quality of wherever you are.

Buffalo Jerky- a little sweet & a little spicy AND a boost of lean protein #hubsgivesathumbsup

What are your favorite road trip snacks?

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