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Guide To Using Thieves Cleaner

Thanksgiving is around the corner and Christmas follows on Turkey Day's heels. All the hosts will be scurrying around trying to clean, organize and grocery shop to prepare for their guests. Let me help you create a safe, toxin-free environment for all those guests.

Lung Cancer is starting to surpass breast cancer as the most dangerous disease affecting the most people. Why? Because we are creating toxic environments where SAHMs especially and families are breathing in these nasty, harsh chemicals that are full of carcinogens. It is terrifying. Thieves Cleaner kills 99.9% of germs on contact. And let me tell you, I’ve been ONLY using Thieves Cleaner for years and guess what? Our family is healthier than we’ve ever been.

  1. Kitchen Counters – I think as a mom I spend most of my time in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I love cooking meals for my family. I have always loved watching the dance of the ingredients as they all merry into one delicious dish. But I am terrible at clean up (my husband is a pro), so my Thieves Cleaner comes in handy. I spray all over, and wipe it down. The best part is I never have to worry about wearing gloves, covering my face, holding my breath or even my girls helping me because it is non-toxic and yet it kills 99.9% of bad bacteria on contact which makes it the perfect household cleaner.

  2. Wood Floors – The best part about this cleaner is you can use it on EVERY surface. No more 30 products to use on all the things… this one takes care of all of that. Gentle on wood floors too!

  3. Bathrooms – I make two bottles one has more Thieves cleaner in it so that it can really attack all the really yucky stuff…like the bathrooms and toilets. But it works!

  4. Oven – You can make a degreaser with Thieves cleaner + baking soda that works awesome to clean ovens when one too many muffins drips over the edge (raising my hand)

  5. Clothing Stains – I even use Thieves Cleaner to remove stains from the girls’ clothes. I have a roller that I made with Thieves Cleaner + baking soda + Thieves dish soap that I roll on the stain and then I spray it with Thieves Cleaner and scrub it, voila no more stain!

  6. Toys – I used to own an in-home daycare, which meant a LOT of cleaning toys. What I love about the Thieves Cleaner is my oldest can help me clean and I never have to panic about it getting in her mouth or on her skin or her breathing it in. She could literally spray it in her mouth and I wouldn’t have to rush her to the ER or call poison control because it is made from PLANTS, powerful plants, but still plants. Pretty much everything in our house now is safe enough to ingest.

  7. Windows – The girls and I were just cleaning the windows the other day for a gathering we had at the house and the Thieves Cleaner worked great!

  8. Mirrors – You don’t need a fancy spray for mirrors, you need Thieves Cleaner.

If you are looking to save money, create a healthier environment and to clean out your cleaning supplies closet you have found the right product.

Viruses are given a big stop from all the Thieves we have going on in within our walls.

Thieves Cleaner is a way to keep your home clean AND healthy.

Why wouldn’t you switch?


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