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What's in my chemo bag?

I remember LOVING packing my hospital bags for each of my daughter’s births. I am kind of obsessed with being completely cozy, so I packed each of my bags with cozy jammies, a robe, cozy socks, my quilt, etc. So here I was packing for my chemotherapy treatment. I’ve been looking up different lists from cancer survivors on what they thought was most beneficial, and I’m sure as I experience my own chemo infusions I’ll have my own go to list I can help provide anyone else going through this terrible chapter in the future.

So far I have:

  • Peppermint lozenges (as natural as possible of course)

  • Mints

  • My quilt my momma made me (I had this at the hospital for both my girl’s births)

  • A cozy sweatshirt

  • My chemo shawl my sweet friends had made for me

  • Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Hand & Foot Lotion

  • Cozy socks

  • My laptop

  • Book #1 : Oola Find Balance in an Unbalanced World For Women

  • A ginger beer

  • My yeti cup with a straw and ice cold water and sonic ice

  • KIND bars

  • YoungLiving Grapefruit Lip Balm with SPF

  • Southern Living Magazine

  • People magazine (sometimes you just wanna read the trash lol)

  • The Magnolia Journal

  • Edible Austin magazine

This is what I have so far. We ended up having two bags and afterwards my hubby felt we could bring one bag. I like being over-prepared rather than underprepared. J I was mostly on my computer writing my blogs, and then I read. I’m sure each time I’ll want to switch it up. I have so many friends who have sent me awesome books that I can’t wait to read, so I’ll definitely read each time I’m there. (Actual port placement and first chemo treatment experience coming next.)

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