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What I Like About Sundays

What do Sundays mean to you? For me Sundays = family. Family and food. Family, food and Jesus.

Sundays are when we wake up slow, when the crackling of bacon and sizzle of eggs is heard and the smell wafts through our home, bringing the family together.

Sundays are when coffee beans are ground and the whistle of our tea kettle takes on the role of our rooster in the home, reminding us it is time to wake up.

Sundays are the day I relish in cozying in my spot on the couch where the pillows line up just right, usually with a little one snuggled next to my side as I savor my extra hot cup of coffee.

Sundays are where I finally let myself off the busy-ness hook and I claim “no phone Sundays” so I can just be, just be present with my family.

Sundays are where we go to church to sing praises to God for all the blessings he continually bestows on our undeserved family.

Sundays are where my 2 ½ year old comes bounding out of her Sunday school class excited to tell us what she learned about Jesus telling all the little children, “Come to me, come to me.”

Sundays are when we reconnect as a family, pulling weeds in our backyard, watching movies, taking a walk or reading anything from Magnolia magazines to Dr. Seus.

Sundays are where I like to prep for the week…since Spring is marching its way into view I love to make a big batch of ice tea for the week. The bubbling water calls for our favorite snack during the week, and I drop the white ovals into the water.

The breeze and shade beckon us to hang out on the front porch, waving to neighbors as they pass by.

Sundays mean, during nap time, I can sneak into a hot bubble bath with lavender loving on my skin. I can read my book and sink deep into much needed mama self care time.

Sundays mean we gather as a small family at Yaya’s house for Sunday Supper. Her house provides us a comfort and reminder of unconditional love.

Sundays are our reset button. It is amazing how important it is to have a day to regroup, to put the phone away, to dive into the Word, to have conversations with your sweet babies about everything and nothing

Sundays are our peace and calming (yes we also use that essential oil!) to truly breathe, exhale and muster up the courage to tackle another week. Because let's face is hard. Joyous, but hard.

What is your favorite thing about Sunday?

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