“Mama my ears hurt.”

The dreaded statement.

On one hand I was grateful my daughter could vocalize that her ears hurt, on the other hand I hated what this meant.

You see 4 years ago, my daughter had fought about five ear infections in each ear… all before she turned one year old. We went from amoxicillin to augmentin and played the Tylenol game, which all meant me sitting up at night, half asleep, trying to keep her elevated, to avoid drainage to sit in her eustachian tubes.

Truly her first year of life was a blur because I felt she was constantly sick, I was constantly taking off work and I was exhausted…because she also never really slept. #morecoffeeplease

When antibiotics didn't really work, I was just done. I dove into finding another way. I found Thieves… this amazing, ancient blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary was soon shipped to my door and put on the bottoms of my baby girl’s feet.


Y’all. I was ugly, happy crying, mama dancing all over our house. Hallelujah!

So fast forward to a few weeks ago and the above statement was made. My stomach clinched and instead of feeling afraid like I would have years ago, I whipped out my natural mama tools and got to work.

I applied lemon and lavender around her ears and along her jawline to reduce inflammation and help drainage from gathering in her eustachian tubes.

We made an appointment with our integrative doctor at Wiseman Family Practice and they confirmed that her ears were red and had puss in them. #myheartsank

But because we see an integrative doctor, she told us that our bodies are meant to fight off crud, that we do not have to immediately give antibiotics or do anything for a few days. This made my mama heart so happy, and what a feeling to be reassured of what I was thinking myself.

She said we had about three days to see if Halen’s ears were getting better. She went ahead and called in the px for oral antibiotics in case we needed them and she also called in topical antibiotic drops we could use in Halen’s ears to help and the antibiotics weren’t systematic… which means they wouldn’t wipe out all her good gut flora we have been working so hard to build up everyday with our preventative care lifestyle.

Our doctor also recommended garlic oil to help naturally heal Halen’s ears. Our doctor also recommended continuing to use my Young Living essential oils to help boost her immune system and fight this infection. #amendoc

I left feeling empowered, so elated to finally have a doctor on my wavelength and ready to tackle this ear infection.

People’s Pharmacy had our garlic ear drops, I also grabbed some Hylands ear pain drops and Elderberry Syrup to help boost Halen’s immune system.

I warmed up the garlic oil drops and put them in Halen’s ears every few hours. I also continued my lemon and lavender routine plus adding purification and peppermint to help rid infection and help with pain. I lathered diluted thieves on the bottoms of her feet and on her spine. She drank her Ningixa Red wolfberry juice puree as well as taking her vitamins and probiotics.

After three days, I was proud to hear Halen say her ear pain was gone. #takethatinfection

I was once again happy dancing around our kitchen celebrating healing my sweet girl with what God placed in our lives.

The old way of conquering illnesses, viruses, infections just wasn’t working for me. I felt helpless and I felt like I was at the mercy of doctors who were far too happy to prescribe and overdiagnose.

Our family found a happy place with a medical care team that supports our entire systems and has the knowledge to recommend other ways we can naturally support different issues that arise in our home. I try to share this revelation with everyone I can to reach someone that feels the same way I felt. Ready to jump on board?

“Continue to grow and evolve.” Mahatma Gandhi

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