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Hi, Nice To Meet You… I Had Breast Cancer

It has been about 938 days since I was told I had breast cancer. Since then I have had 1 year of chemotherapy, radiation and 4 surgeries.

Oh and therapy for over a year. All with little girls needing a mama.

Since then, my hair has grown back. My eyebrows have grown back and I have started meeting new people. I have become part of new circles. Most when they look at me would absolutely never guess of what a horrific few years I’ve just had. So when I walk into a party or the PTA meeting, or the new book club meeting…

When exactly is it appropriate to tell people I had breast cancer?

I certainly don’t want to be that awkward one who blurts it out as I am introducing myself…but it’s hard not to because my entire being changed after breast cancer.

So if people don’t know I battled for my life, how will they really understand me?

Some might start to guess after they see the way I operate. After diagnosis our family became pretty nutso on eliminating sugar from our lives and toxic products.

Yep I’m the weirdo mom who now shows up to pre-school with ALL of my own cleaning supplies for my kid’s classroom. #sorrynotsorry

This question has truly become a conundrum for me. I’ve always been an open book, but I always strive to do this with tact. I want to inform people about the reality of breast cancer and how prevalent it is today…but I definitely don’t want to be the Debby Downer… “Oh hi, thank you for inviting me, I had breast cancer.” Just doesn’t quite have that ring to it.

I suppose it is similar for any life altering situation one may go through...

the mom who buried her child

the parent whose child is addicted to heroin

the daughter whose parent has took their own life

the mom who had a stillborn

the father who lost his wife to lung cancer

the list of the battles we all face is endless and heavy

… when you face something that most haven’t and you have been undoubtedly changed forever, how do you handle small talk?

Sometimes I feel I don't quite fit into this world. And yet, I know the Father has great plans for me. Even if that makes me the awkward one in these social gatherings. I pray to bring hope, light and love to others wherever I go.

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