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I am okay with Valentine's Day

All I have seen lately are moms snappish about how much they hate Valentine’s Day… it bums me out. I mean don’t get me wrong, I get it. We don’t eat candy in this house, so that aspect of VDay makes me cringe… (Halen STILL asks where her Halloween candy is…it is still hiding at the top of my closet…)

Sure, Valentine’s Day may seem like a “Hallmark” holiday these days, thanks to grocery stores and Walgreens for splattering cherry red and pepto bismal all over their stores. But how about instead of moaning about Valentine’s Day we choose to find the joy in the day… even if we despise it.

What brings you joy?

Does it bring you joy to hand craft your Valentine’s? Then grab the glue. If not… DON’T.

Does it bring you joy to book a fancy dinner at a restaurant? Then dial that steak house. If not… DON’T.

Does it bring you joy to have your kids go to their Yaya’s for the night so you can book a couple’s massage (from the gift card you received at Christmas) and to find a very VERY low-key restaurant just so you don’t have to cook? (THIS is us.) Then book it (I did… heart eyes), if not… DON’T.

My point is, yes, we should be showing love to our kids, spouses, family, friends everyday…not just on this particular day. However, what better day than today for some love and joy?

I was never into roses and chocolates… but what I am into is creativity, thoughtfulness, true romance (not from an easy grab and go store). Sure, I’ll take some fresh purple hyacinth and some quiet time with my hubs!

Every day we have a choice, we have a choice to make the day the best we can make it, or to … well, not.

I choose to find the beauty in each day, to find ways that will make my girls, my husband and myself smile. Everyone is different, and we each should be aiming to find that joy.

For today, make the best of today…whatever that means to you. Heart shaped pizza, homemade lasagna, street tacos to go or a steak with lobster… Just make the best of it.

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