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One Book, One Pen, One Healthy Immune System

Well, as of next week we will be back to school and back to our fall routine. The fall season brings many things, it is almost like a "New Year" with re-starting our routine, refreshing our attitudes, re-focusing on priorities and it has this lovely energy to it. Even for kids.

Our girls are incredibly excited about learning, with Halen in kindergarten and Henley in pre-k 3 we are always looking for ways to challenge their growing brains. I was thrilled when I stumbled upon this resource for them. Halen is getting so excited about all things education, including reading and math.

Math learning is out of this world with the space-themed addition worksheet!

For more math activities like this, visit

These worksheets are perfect for kiddos of all ages and there are a lot more to choose from.

Here are some of the different worksheet types to choose from:

  • Maze

  • Word search

  • Word search with images

  • Crossword puzzle

  • Word scramble

  • Addition

  • Subtraction

  • Division

  • Multiplication

  • Spelling Test

  • Matching words to images

  • Word Tracer

They have a variety of themes to choose from. Right now their seasonal themes are popular: kayaking, hiking, water balloons, and back to school. Other themes include school days, dinosaurs, outer space, and more.

The best way for us to stay focused and open to new things is when we fill our diffuser at home with Stress Away, Peace & Calming, or Lavender and Lemon, this helps calm our minds from the busy day and it helps keep us focused.

Fall is when we start truly kicking our preventative care in place, we also love applying our Thieves every night to our bottoms of feet and spine to keep our bodies healthy, that way we don't miss out on any fun learning taking place at school.

For pesky congestion, we rub RC (with three different kinds of eucalyptus) and coconut oil on the girls' chests at night along with it going in the diffuser with Thieves to kick that crud to the door.

What are your favorite tools for back to school?

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