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Hey hey 33.

Tomorrow I turn 33 years old. I have always been a birthday person, well I have always been a celebration person…any reason for a celebration and I am all about it. My parents conditioned me early on how special birthdays were. They always made birthdays super special…from waking up to my room filled with balloons when I was five, to my room being filled with flowers when I was 13, to my mom always filling my birthday with special touches…macarons, fancy cheese, and quality time together. These memories are what have built how I want my girls to celebrate their birthdays.

So here I am about to turn 33. Most friends my age and older dread their birthdays, not me. Are you kidding? This is a day that God made for me, why wouldn’t I “rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24 A day where I can do whatever brings me joy…a day where you celebrate being alive, celebrate the life you built. Yes, I am getting older, yes, my body is not like it was in my 20s…but I am here. I am fighting a battle every single day, I am praying I can put this year in my past and build toward a brighter, healthier future. Some people are not given their 33rd birthday, so you will not find me fussing about being a year older.

Yes, I am going to celebrate turning 33 years old. Yes, I am going to smile, sing, laugh, eat, drink, dance and cherish the day. This year marks my life going through a huge transformation…I will go through a lot this year, but hopefully by 34 I will be cancer free. I am incredibly thankful to be alive. I am thankful to hear my daughter’s voices, to kiss their baby lips, to hug my husband, to have a girls’ day with my mom, to catch up with friends, to enjoy family. Because at the end of the day, life is short. Time is fleeting, our lives are uncertain. This is why birthdays should be celebrated and cherished no matter how old we may be.

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