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It is well with my soul.

This is a two-part blog, first part is about my faith and my mental stability throughout this whole battle. The second part is about my physical well-being and actually staying “well” while battling cancer. As far as my faith goes, it is truly the only thing that gets me through the day. I cannot imagine dealing with this battle without believing in God and believing in Christ and the Holy Spirit. I can't imagine not having that hope that anchor to grip onto…gives me hope and unending love. Then to know that even if {Read that blog here.} something was to happen I am going to go to a better place, a place where there is no pain, there is no cancer, there is no fear, there is no disappointment, there's no isolation, there's no sadness, there's no regret… There is none of that, there's only good. Beyond good, there's perfection… can you imagine? I can't, I have little bits of ideas that I think could be pretty awesome, but I am certain that the perfection is beyond any comprehension that we could possibly fathom. And that is exciting, so I've committed that…it is well with my soul. But, it is so easy to slip into that dark place. Where Satan takes your thoughts and encourages the doubt, the isolation, the hopelessness, the guilt, the fear, rage, the blame, the envy. There are days when crying randomly for the bulk of the day, getting my feelings hurt over silly things, letting my sensitivity gain a new level. BUT.

I refuse to live in fear, I cannot live every day in a bubble. It is well with my soul. And I certainly don't want to create a life of fear for my children from this battle I endured (we endured). I will teach them about God's love, I'll teach them to be kind and respectful, to be humble, and to work hard, to share God’s love with everyone they know. So, it is well with my soul. Those are the important things that I will pass onto my daughters, but as far as cancer is concerned… I just can't get myself worked up, I just can't do it, and I'm sure that's how a lot of people get cancer, it's because of all the stress. Our country is under so much stress, I don't think the amount of chronic illnesses, chronic diseases and chronic pain are just a coincidence…I think diet and stress are the reasons. The second part… being “well” during this whole thing… So, I've been in this battle going into my fifth month and I have stayed relatively healthy, I mean system anyway. Well, we did a few things that I think are a little bit different than what most people do. First of all, you guys know that I use my essential oils from Young living. These products I use every single day, from the beginning to end, I start my day putting on Young Living deodorant (aluminum-free, chemical-free it's plant-based), then I go into my kitchen and I take my supplements right now I'm taking the Inner Defense capsule because I'm trying to keep my immune system strong especially now that we’re in October… in time for all the viruses, the flu, all that crud that starts to come up. I also take Alkalime to keep my system in an alkaline state, I use Master Formula, which is a pack of multivitamins…B vitamins, pre-biotics, greens. Then, I usually put something in my diffuser, so lately I've been doing fall scents orange + thieves (and kills bad bacteria), is an awesome combination and I love doing clove + cinnamon + pine is also a really wonderful smell…all the pine + spruce scents are incredible.

So, I'm breathing those in, to help every system in my body. Diffusing and inhaling is one of the strongest ways to make the essential oils work within your system. They affect every single part of our system, they help the immune system, the endocrine system, the muscular system, and the skeletal system, they help my nervous system, and all in between. Then I use the Evening Peace body wash, lavender body lotion, ART face wash and moisturizer when I shower. I use Joy as my non-toxic perfume. I use Thieves hand soap all day long, and Thieves spray or Thieves hand purifier if I am out of the house. At night, I put EndoFlex on my VitaFlex points, I use Sacred

Frankincense topically on my chest to make the cancer cells go away, and I usually diffuse Eucalyptus, Peace & Calming or Lavender to help us sleep.

One of the other instrumental decisions I made was to not touch door handles, I use paper towels. I realize I've become hyper-aware of all of the germs and where they all lie… door handles are one of the prime ones. The other whopping one is grocery stores so, we have taken on Instacart or curbside to avoid going into grocery stores and breathing in and touching all that crud that is everywhere in a grocery store. Just imagine how many people walk into a grocery store and how many of those products they touch and put down…they sneeze, they cough, gosh who knows what they have touched or might be ailing from so, we avoid HEB like the plague.

I have showered more in the last five months than ever before. I like showers, but I became used to rarely getting a shower from #motherhood. Not anymore…showers are one of the simplest ways to get the germs off of my skin. Changing clothes and washing the ones that were worn all day in all kinds of places will help eliminate those germs even more

. I have my girls shower when they come home from school/playdates/gymnastics, etc to get the germs off of them as well. My husband does the same when he come home from school.

We clean regularly, I wash my hands all the time, no longer share beverages or utensils with my daughters, I try to get extra rest, mediation, yoga, exercise, optimal diet and acupuncture to help my immune system stay strong. I know homemade chicken soup, homemade bone broth, smoothies, and lots and lots and lots of water are essential.

I have two more weeks of chemotherapy treatments. Two more weeks to be a psycho germaphobe. These two weeks are in October…the month the flu shot is recommended to get (which I can’t do on chemo). I have to keep myself well to finish and then recuperate for my surgery. I have learned an incredible amount of ways to stay clean (aka germless). Which I am sure I will take with me, especially since I have two little girls and I want to protect their immune systems.

One day I can relax and not worry so much about cleanliness. One day I can do a Mud Run, share a pancakes with my daughter, go back to my favorite of perusing the grocery store, and most of all, return to church to hear God’s word. Those are things I look forward to.

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