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The Magnitude of 33

Crying aloud as you entered the world;

The world needed you, you had purpose.

Growing with grace and the unfolding of a beautiful childhood;

Teaching every chance you could get, people marveled at your presence.

Life could be difficult, but you always chose the bright side;

You lived a perfect life.

Beautiful relationships transpired;

Friendships were made, even though you knew they would forsake you.

A life was built, one you had dreamed of;

You knew your time was coming to the ultimate of finales.

A family was all you ever hoped for, it seemed nothing could go wrong;

Your family was devoted to your side, loving you while others spewed hate.

The news was shattering, how is this possible?

You cried out above, “Must I go on?”

The torture began, coursing through veins;

The time had come…the cruelty was beyond comprehension.

Growing sicker and sicker…pricked and prodded, it seemed it would never end;

The agony was unbearable, strength started to wither away.

A smile was forced through the tumultuous year, praise in the storm;

Calling out with love and forgiveness, praise in the storm.

Unable to walk, heartbroken and tired…how does one go on?

Hung on a cross, nails in wrists, spears thrown, a crown of thorns.

Light peeked out from the clouds, a smile seemed easier to bear;

Thunder sounded… the time had come…. It was finished.

A heart full of gratitude, the marathon of 33 was coming to a finish;

Raised from the dead, risen into the Heavens… 33 was finished.

Thirty-three years… what a life. Although there was incredible pain, there was joy;

Thirty-three years… a perfect life. Despite the excruciating pain, there was life.

In thirty-three years, perspective was gained. Cancer will never win.

In thirty-three years, salvation was gained. Satan will never win.

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