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Why I Switched to Raw Milk…From A Breast Cancer Survivor

I remember growing up and going over to friends’ houses to spend the night, the obligatory pizza was served and of course pop to go with it. Okay okay, here in Texas everything is a Coke. Or soda I guess. (When your parents are from Michigan, you are raised saying pop.)

But we never had pop in my house, we were one of the families who were becoming healthier and venturing out of the 70s microwave dinner phenomenon.

So, I never wanted pop. I wanted milk. We were raised on milk. And we were raised on good ole HEB brand skim milk. My mom was taught this was best.

We thought we were doing the right thing, right? I mean come on, SKIM milk, the advertisers did a great job with that one. Who wouldn’t pick skim milk.

As I aged, I started to learn more about health. I remember watching something about low fat and how that was actually not it was all cracked up to be. (Now I learn low-fat can actually cause cancer…) My childhood was ALL about the low fat diet. But folks, when you take out the fat… where do you get the flavor??


So it dawned on me that skim milk was actually bad.

So I started buying whole milk.

Oh and organic. I was understanding that organic was better.

So here I was pregnant with my first child and guzzling all the milk. Every single day.

I thought I was doing the best I could for myself and my growing kid.

With my second pregnancy, we actually were in Colorado where they deliver milk to your doorstep. Pretty cool. However it was still pasteurized. Guzzling and guzzling.

Through all of this time, my sister in law had big opinions about milk. In all honesty, I thought she was crazy. She would preach about how bad it was.

I would think, “my brother and I have been drinking milk our entire lives and we are so healthy, we’ve never even broken a bone.”

Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Turns out my sister in law was right, about conventional milk.

That is when I started taking a microscope to EVERYTHING.

I read my reference guide to Essential Oils and lo and behold in the chapter about cancer, it starts talking about milk.

I stopped dead in my tracks. Everything I had ever known suddenly seemed like a lie.

All the things I did growing up that I thought were healthy, weren’t.

Sure the pasteurized 0% fat milk was a better option than a pop, but not by much.

I was floored by the information that I was reading.

Basically it said pasteurized milk was a concern because milk contains steroid hormones fed to cows. When milk products are pasteurized and homogenized, whether it is milk, cheese, butter, cottage cheese, or any other product containing steroid hormones, the pasteurization destroys the natural enzymes, thus preventing the production of 2-hydroxyestrone, the cancer-prevention steroid, and instead, converts it to a 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone, the cancer-causing hormone.

Absolutely floored.

After I read this, I stopped all dairy. I was terrified and cut it out cold turkey.

I also stopped feeding my girls conventional cow's milk. Halen had a lot of milk when she was between ages 12-24 months. Henley only had breast milk and goats milk. Everything I was doing for myself to recover from cancer, I wanted to implement for them too to prevent them from having cancer.

It goes on to acknowledge the big controversy and misunderstanding about estrogen-sensitive cancers. And this is a problem. See it is pretty easy to see how processed and unprocessed foods affect the outcome of our health.

Greasy McDonalds cheeseburger vs. grass fed steak & veg grilled at home

Moving on to the bigger belt loop. Feeling amazing energy and quite fit

This however, does not only apply to women but men as well. Many forget that men have estrogen and will respond the same way to both phytoestrogens and mycoestrogens (estrogens produced by fungi found in stored grain) that stimulate the production of 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone.

Huge emphasis here: if there were more focus on eating unprocessed foods; cleansing the liver of toxins, petrochemicals, and undigested pollutants; and improving and building a reserve of metabolic enzymes, there would be MUCH LESS CANCER.

Guess what has those metabolic enzymes?? Raw milk.

So folks, after much thought and consideration. After researching information and more information. After talking to friends on the same wavelength that have taken this plunge and are the healthiest people I know. After watching my fair share of documentaries (Cowspiracy) and going with my gut. I choose raw. I choose what God intended. I choose simple and pure. I think this is my philosophy with everything in my life now… I just want things the way God intended. And he certainly didn’t intend for money to be an idol for milk with money being thrown at these campaigns to make people think they HAVE to have conventional millk.

I’d rather support a local farm, get my milk from grass-fed, happily grazing cows that I know will support my families systems with all the natural enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals – making it what many refer to as a “complete food.”

Some of the main reasons that over 10 million Americans now drink raw milk on a regular basis include the following raw milk benefits:

  • Healthier skin (healing eczema, psoriasis), hair and nails

  • Nutrient absorption

  • Stronger immune system

  • Reduced allergies

  • Increased bone density

  • Neurological support

  • Weight loss

  • Help building lean muscle mass

  • Better digestion

Are there risks? Less than eating a raw oyster.

In life there are always going to be risks, but sometimes the biggest risk reaps the biggest reward.

I think it is absolutely necessary in this day in age to question everything we’ve ever known. I think to not evolve is foolish. I think the “ignorance is bliss” approach is sad and harmful. We are in an era when radical change needs to be made and the more who stand up to this movement, the more our country will actually remain a free country.


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