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Early Morning Mug 'o Warm Water

Every morning I wake an hour or so before everyone else in my home. I started this ritual a few months ago and have grown to yearn for it. In these early mornings, I start my tea kettle and ready my mug of warm water with lemon (or other citrus) + Pink Himalayan sea salt.

Having hypothyroidism, I had to find other ways to have a mug of something warm first thing in the morning. I am supposed to let my system settle for the first 30 minutes to an hour before coffee or breakfast, which led me to discover warm water.

Apparently warm water is quite excellent for your system first thing in the morning. When our body accumulates too many toxins it causes premature aging, as well as weakening the immune system, which leads to being sick more often than not. The warm water flush, helps the elasticity in our skin, leading to youthful skin.

Warm water helps the circulation in the body, which can help with all different kinds of cramping, since the water also helps keep our bodies hydrated.

Warm water increases the body temperature which helps increase our metabolic rate which helps with weight management with an increased rate at which fat burns. When citrus is added, D-Limonene is a wonderful benefit. Lemon in warm water helps control cravings as well, which has led to me doing intermittent fasting and waiting to eat until noon or when I am truly hungry, but that is a post for another day.

Warm water also stimulates your digestive system in the morning which actually helps our system better digest and eliminate foods whereas, cold water could be counterproductive. Warm water also helps keep the body moving, much like coffee but warm water is a healthier way to achieve that same goal without caffeine.

Warm water at night, similar to chamomile tea, can help relax the body and get the body in a state of rest which is ready for bed.

When adding lemon to warm water, which I add 3-4 drops of Lemon Essential Oil to maximize the health benefits since this lemon is from the most powerful part of the lemon plant and is extremely concentrated which holds the most benefit. This helps freshen breath, nourishes skin with Vitamin E and rids the body of free radicals. Lemon water can help reduce inflammation in the body which is especially important for anyone facing cancer or autoimmune diseases.

Warm lemon water helps boost energy, which is perfect for the first thing in the morning. Warm lemon water fights infection and boosts the immune system, which is fantastic for the fall.

Lemon is an excellent source of potassium and therefore can help reduce high blood pressure, reduce chances of stroke, heart attack, depression and anxiety. This mug of warm lemon water can also help soothe respiratory issues which can rear their unwanted face during the sick season. And lastly, this could help treat gallstones.

I also change out my Lemon Essential Oil for Lime, Tangerine, Orange or Grapefruit. As they all have wonderful health benefits individually.

Lime: helps with all of the above along with fighting cancer as it is high in antioxidants which fight cancer cells. Can also help eliminate kidney stones from developing.

Tangerine: benefits eye health, helps prevent diabetes, helps reduce chance of osteoporosis, and promotes healthy DNO synthesis, which helps keep mutation from happening, along with promoting hair growth.

Orange: helps benefit libido, helps improve mood and dental health, prevents cancerous cell growth, promotes healthy hair and helps manage asthma.

Grapefruit: the high content of Vitamin C can naturally reduce a high fever, helps reduce fatigue, promotes sleep, works as a probiotic which can aid in the digestive system.

I also add in a sprinkle of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, which helps the essential oil better blend in the warm water. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt helps regulate the body’s ph levels in the body, which keeps the body in an alkaline state versus an inflammatory state. This particular salt helps improve nutrient absorption by strengthening our gut flora, reduces varicose veins, and improving the lymphatic system. Pink salt can actually help reduce migraines as it promotes segregation of serotonin, the hormone in the body which reduces pain and promotes well-being, relieves nasal congestion and combats acne.

All in all, adding warm water + citrus + pink salt to your mug first thing in the morning can do a quite the body good. You will feel refreshed in more ways than one. I know with my health history, I am always looking for ways to improve my well-being and this has been an smart addition to my diet and lifestyle change.

Tomorrow is Monday! Great day to add something new and beneficial to your day!

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