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All the yes.

On this journey, I have learned to say yes. Even if I wasn’t sure. I grew up as a “yes” girl always wanting to experience something new and never wanting to miss out. But I veered away from her as I became an adult and a mom, trying to be a good steward of my money and time. But there is no reason why I couldn’t have said, “Yes!” More often. Makes you think of the movie, Yes Man. And it’s quite a concept, especially for people like the character Jim Carey plays.

But in this journey people have come from every angle about many different things.

Can I bring you dinner? Yes.

Can I help with laundry? Yes.

Can I bring lunch? Yes.

Can I help with the girls? Yes.

Do you need anything? Yes. (Even if I’m not sure.)

Another pillow? Yes.

Can I come say hello? Yes.

Do you like soup? Yes.

I’ve learned people want to help, and this is one of the ways people can. And if I was on the other side of the coin, I would want to help too.

Then I have medical professionals telling me certain things.

Stay hydrated. Yes.

Tell us all of your symptoms. Yes.

Get plenty of rest. Yes.

Eat healthy. Yes.

Exercise. Yes.

Wash your hands. Yes.

Use a mask in public when your white blood cell count is low. Yes.

Avoid large crowds. Yes.

Take these supplements. Yes.

Put these Chinese herbs in your tea. Yes.

Sleep 8-10 hours a night. Yes.

And cancer survivors.

Drink this tea. Yes.

Wear this on your feet during your infusion. Yes.

Use this port pillow in the car. Yes.

Keep your mouth super cold during the red stuff. Yes.

Read this book. Yes.

Add turmeric to your food. Yes.

Use these fuzzy socks. Yes.

Pot brownies. Yes.

Try this olive oil. Yes.

Use this honey. Yes.

Then I have my husband.

Rest. Yes. Rest. Yes.

Drink more water. Yes

Rest. Yes.

Eat healthy Lauren. Yes.

Rest. Yes.

I feel like I have so many people on my team helping me through this and I appreciate every single person and what they uniquely bless my life with during this time. I want as much as I can. I want as much information and as many tools in my arsenal that I can fit. If there was ever a time to say yes to all the people it would be now.

And a big thank you to all the people that I keep saying yes too.

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