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Sweltering n' Frigid

*A parody of Katy Perry's Hot n' Cold...based on hot flashes from chemotherapy*

My body changes its mind

Like my three year old's food aversion.

Yeah, you, chemo

Like a fun-sucker

I would know

And you make me over think

Always typically


I should know

That you're no good for me


'Cause I'm sweltering then I'm frigid,

I'm yes to iced coffee, then I'm no

One leg in then out from under our duvet,

My brain is up then down

Chemo is wrong when it's right

Makes life seem black and white

All night, I burn up,

In the morning we wake up

(I) I don't really want you to stay, no

(I) But you don't really wanna go-o

I'm sweltering then I'm frigid

I'm yes to hot tea, then no

I'm in my cute tank, then out

I'm upstairs, then I'm down...sweating profusely

We used to be

On the same wavelength

So in sync

The same energy

Now's a dead tumor

I try to laugh, but

Now we're fighting

I should know that

This is just a phase


Someone called the doctor

Got a case of crappy cancer

Stuck on a roller coaster

And I can't get off this ride

My body changes its mind

Like my three year old's opinion

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