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Blink Of An Eye

Who is ready for 2018 to go? Anyone wish it would linger a little longer? I have always found myself ready for a new year, ready for a new Monday... ready to start fresh. 2018 was quite the year for our family... the second half of my cancer journey took place in 2018...

Don’t get me wrong 2018 had some pretty fantastic moments…

my daughters growing and learning just brings me so much joy. It snowed in Texas as we rang in the New Year, which is pretty uncommon and awesome. We took a fun trip to the mountains in March, we made memories with family, we took an incredible 50 day trip around the country together stopping at every national park we could. I started teaching again online, I also started editing for Austin Moms Blog and taking my Young Living business to the next level as I share health and wellness with everyone that I can. All of this brings me a lot of happiness. Henley started her first year of pre-school, Halen started her last year of pre-school. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season and scurried off to the mountains to ring in the new year. I have my best friend by my side to experience life with… life is good.

I am incredibly thankful to be here. I have been transformed since diagnosed with cancer, the old Lauren is no longer. January 2018 I went through 30 days of radiation… not easy especially with littles in tow. I then had to take chemo pills for 5 months which tore up my feet and hands. I also had my full reconstruction which completely altered my body. Although I faced monumental hardship in 2018 I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of those experiences. To be on the mountain top you must climb through the valley. And the valley is where the fruit is. I still have many hurdles to climb... the mental aspect of life after cancer is incredibly challenging and one people cannot see... so they assume I am fine. My daily devotionals help bring me hope and remind me to choose joy. I would not wish my experience on anyone...

Friends, loved ones… life can change in the blink of an eye.

I want my story to help people live differently, I hope I encourage people to renew their faith, to choose joy, to push the boundaries, to live outside their comfort zone, to make a difference, to treat our bodies better, to demand better from our country, to live healthier, to be kind, to love unconditionally, to cross those bucket list items off your list.

I know everyone’s life can get in a rut sometimes…

As we move into 2019 please commit to living your best life. If you don’t like your job, change it. If you don’t like where you live, move. If you feel alone, find a church home… join a small group. If you aren’t happy, find your happy. I am ready to take 2019 to new heights. I have so many goals for this coming year. I finally feel like I get to start fresh after being diagnosed with cancer, no treatment and hopefully no more health issues this year. I want to live bigger, be brighter.

There is no reason why all of us on this earth should not be able to live our best life.

When you live with Jesus as the center, everything starts to unfold beautifully.

Is it an easy life? No, but it is the most fulfilling life you’ll ever lead.

Happy New Year everyone!

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