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A Letter to My Mother-in-Law

Dear Carol,

As I look at my daughters’ blue eyes, energetic twirls over to wrestle with their daddy… my heart aches. I suppose it is a heartache that is both full of happiness and one that has an aching of emptiness.

I was never able to meet you, never able to hug you or dance with you at our wedding. I was never able to hand our brand new baby girl over to you, which we named after you…

But the biggest thing that comes to mind, is that I was never able to thank you. Thank you for raising and nurturing the wonderful man that is my husband.

As tough as life has been, Evan shines with love for his daughters. He is fiercely loyal to me as his wife and his family that he has built.

He is far too hard on himself and I think it is because he just wants to be the very best him.

I can’t believe it has been 17 years since you have been here. Seems impossible. We talk of you often, I ask Evan to share stories about you, I yearn to learn more.

We talk to the girls about how you are perfect, in Heaven with Jesus. We know that one day we will get to greet you with the biggest hug and break out in celebration in paradise.

Thank you Carol, thank you for being such a wonderful mother to my husband… to be dedicated to his family, to pour love into his girls in every part of their lives, to be a best friend to his wife, raising him to be a good steward of his money, and to enjoy the little things.

He balances me out in every way… he makes me laugh and he fills my cup at the end of the day when I feel like I have nothing left to give.

I am proud to be his wife and proud to watch him grow into fatherhood so handsomely.

We miss you more than all the Dr. Peppers one could buy.


Your Daughter in Law

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