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Inner Gladiator

For many January is the start to a refreshed workout regime, I was included in this boat. After having two babies, being diagnosed with cancer… I was out.of.shape … big time. I was nervous, yet excited to get started on my new workouts with Camp Gladiator.

I showed up and noticed how focused everyone was, the music was on point…jumping all over from genre to genre, and the trainer was excited, and pumping everyone up for this evening workout. I may not have looked like everyone else, with my sweats on and pink skull cap… I felt like I needed to run to the nearest Lululemon for a wardrobe update (added to future wishlist), but I was there, ready to get after it.

As we got started my muscles perked up saying, “Why hello there, where have you been?” The wakeup call felt great. Until later that is…

About 70% into the workout I felt a serious drag… I was running with a weighted, giant beanbag on my shoulders… trying to keep up with my partner. I am competitive, and as much as I needed to modify a few things, I did not want to quit.

As I am dragging along, all that kept running through my head was… don’t they know? Don’t they know what I have been through? All the obstacles I’ve faced? I mean, right as I was about to get my body back after my baby turned one, I was diagnosed with cancer…then I had chemo, my hair fell out, I was so sick, I had a mastectomy…. Don’t you feel sorry for me? #holdup

THIS sounds a lot like a good old-fashioned pity party…. #nothanks

I looked around me and realized I have no idea what each of these other people are going through. They might have a battle similar to mine. They might have one much worse. They aren’t complaining or quitting…they all push through.

I had to kick that negative mental chatter out of my head and push. I kept going, even if I wasn’t able to finish all the reps, even if I couldn’t use weights, as my legs were shaking, as the air caught in my breath… I pushed. Even if I was the very last one to jog the last lap of the workout, I did not quit. I have too much to fight for these days, and if I can make it through having cancer, I can make it through ANY workout.

Then I got up and did it all over again at 6:15 a.m. the next day. #crazy #butgood

We all face a battle, no matter what it is, don’t let it pull you down. Shove that negative self-talk in the dirt and go after it. You are stronger than you think, you are beautiful, you matter, you can do this.

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