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Healing from anything is difficult and takes time. Regardless of that wound being physical, emotional or mental.

With a battle of breast cancer, I have dealt with wounds in all three categories. Sometimes at the same time, sometimes at all different times.

Some were expected, and some were unexpected.

Dealing with wounds is similar to grief, and in many ways those wounds are grief. In grief there are several natural steps your body goes through to work out the wound.

I have found a few things that have helped me immensely when I am healing from wounds:

  • Seeking out a therapist to talk it out

  • Getting outside

  • Intentionally choosing joy (getting a special coffee from a local shop, having lunch with a friend, getting a pedicure, picking flowers, baking banana bread with my daughters, planting an herb garden)

  • Finding a small group to connect with

  • Going on walks

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Getting a massage

  • Acupuncture

  • Reigning in control of my diet

  • Living a healthier lifestyle

  • Reading a book

I strongly feel like what we surround ourselves with and what we put into and on our bodies influence our thinking and how we heal from all wounds. Our bodies are sponges that absorb everything that is exposed to it, whether that is negative self-talk, toxic relationships, poor hygiene, unhealthy eating habits, or lack of self-care.

As you reflect on yourself today, think of what wounds are still hurting you. Are you doing everything you can to help yourself heal? One of the best tools is the Health Storylines App that can help track your mental wounds, physical wounds, emotional wounds that way you can report them to your doctor. Times when it is so hard to keep your head clear, this tool can greatly alleviate many stresses. If you are battling anything, this tool can be of great use. Register today.

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